Boost R-planet Land to get land in TheUplift.World

4 min readApr 14, 2021

Great news in the run-up to the initial R-Planet Land sale! In cooperation with, R-Planet has prepared a cool surprise for every landowner, a fine piece of land within The Uplift World metaverse. Also today we will provide more details regarding the initial R-planet land sale that will take place on April 15 at 16:00 UTC.

So what about Uplift.World land?!

Thanks to the cooperation of R-Planet and The Uplift.World, every owner of R-Planet land has a chance to get actual land within the UpLift metaverse. All you need to do is to boost your R-planet land. Any player who wishes to boost their R-planet land will require 5M Aether tokens to do so.


🔥Boosting your R-Planet land to work in The Uplift World will grant you ownership and building rights of ACTUAL LAND in a 3D Minecraft-based Metaverse that will grant you rewards in $WAX and $AETHER any time anyone walks over it. A place to build, mine for resources you can trade, or build an NFT Gallery or storefront! Sounds amazing right?!


We would like to remind you about another amazing opportunity as a result of the R-Planet & The Uplift World partnership: the first 10 R-Planet players, who will create the Upliftium material will get one plot of land (50x50) in the Londom map of the The Uplift World (which is a survival map) in addition to all the other rewards.

R-Planet Land

Your R-Planet Land will contain one of four R-Planet minerals: Wecanite, Waxon, Caponium, or Enefterium.

Robots will need Wecanite as the fuel to function, while the other three minerals will be required to build robots and construct fortifications.

You’ll be able to start mining on your plot right after the unpacking. Yet keep in mind, that you’ll be able to claim the reward approximately a week after the launch.

Here is a formula to calculate mining rates for your R-Planet land: mining_rate/hour = base_rate * 1.03 ** level

The R-Bot Registration

As you know, you need to register with the Telegram R-Bot before the sale to have a chance to participate. 2198 accounts have been registered in the Initial R-Planet Land Sale so far. On April 14, 23:59 UTC the R-bot will stop the registration. Then 500 whitelisted accounts will be chosen for each pool randomly. Even now the competition seems pretty tense.

If you do not get into the whitelist, try not to be too disappointed. The next R-Planet Land Sale is scheduled for April 29.

Sale: Packs & Prices

Let’s review the details about the land sale. Two types of packs will be available:

Mini Land Pack

This package contains one plot located somewhere within Swineland, the first sector of the R-Planet land that has been researched. The plot contains one of four R-Planet minerals. (Wecanite, Waxon, Caponium, Enefterium). You’ll learn the material and the rarity of the plot after opening.

2000 packs available;

Price — $50.

Mega Land Pack

This package contains three plots in the Swineland region of the R-Planet. Each plot holds one of four R-Planet minerals (Wecanite, Waxon, Caponium, Enefterium). You’ll learn the attributes after opening.

1000 packs available;

Price — $150.

⚠️Important info for Whitelisted accounts!

Every winner, whose account will have got a notification about successful registration with R-Bot must log on at the time of the sale to make a purchase. You will have 10 min from the start of the sale to make a purchase (to buy 2 Mini packs and 1 Mega pack). After 10 min, in case any of the winners choose not to participate, any of the other whitelisted accounts will be able to buy leftover packs on a first come, first serve basis.

We wish luck to all of you! There are still a few hours to jump on board.

In the meantime, over the past few days the demand for rigs has skyrocketed! Our Captain Pig is working tirelessly constructing new mining tools in an effort to try to deal with it.

Read more about the R-Planet Land Sale here:




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