R-Planet Initial Land Sale:

3 min readApr 7, 2021

for our Closest Friends Only!

R-Planet land is waiting for its new inhabitants. Only trusted members of the R-Planet community will be able to participate in the Initial R-planet Land Sale. If you missed the whole evacuation stage, there is still a way to participate. All you need to do to become a true crewmate of our spacecraft, is to take a few simple steps.

Who can participate

The first segment of the R-Planet land, consisting of 5000 plots, will be sold during this initial sale. Which will be held in two pools for two different audiences. To take part in the sale you should whitelist your account by going through the registration using the telegram_bot (@rplanet_bot). The first step is to choose the pool you want to enter (you can try both) and follow the instructions.

The registration ends on April 14, and then winners will be defined. Only 500 accounts will be selected for each pool.

The 1st pool — starts at 16:00 UTC — for players who have played R-Planet or stake NFTs within the R-Planet staking system.

The 2nd pool — starts at 17:00 UTC — for users, who have completed all @rplanet_bot tasks. (e.g following Telegram, Twitter, & Youtube).

A total of 3000 packs will be divided between the two pools. Each pool will be allocated 1000 small packs, and 500 big packs.

The sale in each pool will last for 1 hour.

Limitation: 2 Small Packs, 1 Big Pack per account.

There will be a Three-minute cooldown period between purchases.

Unpacking will be launched in an hour, at 18:00 UTC.

Types of packs

The land will be presented in two types of NFT packs:

Small Pack

consists of 1 plot;

2000 packs available;

Price — $50.

Big Pack

consists of 3 plots;

have a higher probability of rarer lands;

1000 packs available;

Price — $150.

About the R-Planet Land

Plots differ by their basic element and rarity. The NFT rarity affects the starting power of mining on the plot.

Starting extracting power of the Plot NFT by rarities:

common — 100

uncommon — 120

rare — 140

epic — 160

legendary — 180

mythic — 200

More info: https://rplanet.medium.com/buy-r-planet-land-with-a-50-discount-479d60ce3759

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