Big Update: the R-Planet Governance

9 min readFeb 11, 2022


After months of relative silence, the R-Planet team has some important news for you. Along with the active development of the R-Planet Conquest game, we have been working on adapting all the services of R-Planet Metaverse. All those developments are so closely intertwined with each other that we could not discuss one of them without talking about the others.

Today the R-Planet team announces the Big Update! The launch of which is scheduled on February 15th and presents the R-Planet Governance and a new UI, where all the managing and DeFi tools of the player will be gathered together.

Furthermore, we will talk about the structure and the function of the R-Planet Governance and about the changes and innovations which are waiting for the player in the future. Make yourself comfortable, we have a lot to tell.

The R-Planet Governance

The R-Planet Governance is a managing center, where tools for all the R-Planet tokens are gathered together.

The R-Governance will have three components:

  • Staking Hub — the renewed R-Planet Staking System
  • RDAO Auctions — the center of the RDAO token distribution
  • Metafarming — the R-Planet tokens liquidity center

Next, we’ll review all of them in more detail. We are going to start with the second one, The RDAO auctions. In this paragraph, we’ll acquaint you with a new token: APH, which will be usable during the RDAO token distribution.

🔹RDAO Auctions

The second phase of RDAO distribution will be arranged through the auctions in the pools of pairs RDAO-Aether and RDAO-APH. These auctions are going to happen in parallel with each other on a daily basis.

What is the APH?

APH (Aether per hour) is a token of temporary usage, which will be used only during RDAO distribution. Thanks to the fact that the APH — RDAO pair will have a separate auction. You’ll be able to get APH burning🔥🔥🔥 your NFTs of elements and rigs. The number of tokens you can get for the card will be equal to the mining power of the card.

5000 RDAO tokens will be allocated to the pool of each auction for daily distribution. One auction period will last for 23 hours. Because of this, the closing time of the auction will shift around the day, making participation in the auction convenient for players from all over the world. During each auction period, users will be able to add Aether or APH to the appropriate pool. The auctions should last for almost 21 weeks! Lots of time for everyone to take part.

After the end of each auction period, the RDAO tokens allocated for that period will be distributed among all the participants according to a ratio of the Aether/APH added into the pool by the player to the general amount of the token in the pool.

There will be 150 auction periods overall. 1 500 000 RDAO tokens will be distributed during that time.

🔹Staking Hub

Staking Hub is the home of the renewed R-Planet Staking System with changed and expanded functionality. Recently we’ve talked about the changes which will affect the listing and staking of the third-party projects, yet those updates are not the only ones. Additionally, we’ll talk about the changes related to the staking of native R-Planet NFTs and about the new system of Aether withdrawing.

The main difference of the staking rules for the third-party projects is that players will decide which of the listed projects will mine Aether, and how much, by voting for them with their Aether. Only NFTs of the top 21 projects from all listed will be able to mine Aether.

Projects with the biggest amount of Aether used by their followers for voting will be at the top of the list with the largest mining pools respectively.

If the player changes their mind, decides to cancel their vote, and withdraws their Aether used for voting, this process will take 30 days.

All the new projects which would like to join R-Planet Staking can fill out the form 👉🏼 🌟here🌟.

Changes in the staking of native R-Planet NFTs

From the very beginning, the Aether token has been the lifeblood of the R-Planet alchemy game, and during phase 1 its utility included experimenting in the laboratory and inventing new materials for the inhabitation of the R-Planet. Now that Aether has fulfilled its main purpose during the first phase, it’s clear that some changes in the inflation and utility of Aether will need to be made as we prepare to move into phase 2, the R-Planet Conquest game. It’s also become clear that the matter of its oversupply has become the most pressing issue to be addressed.

A new task arose before the team — to return value and deliver a new use case to the token.

Announcing the Staking 2.0 System, we’ve started the process of scaling down the phase of initial Aether accumulation. Today we are going to talk about two more steps in this direction.

  • reduction of the general maximum supply of Aether;

At the start of the project, the maximum supply of the Aether was set at the level 10 000 000 000 000 tokens.

Since then, the gameplay and concept of the R-Planet Metaverse have been evolved, and such a large number of tokens is no longer required. That’s why we are going to reduce the max supply of Aether to 1 500 000 000 000.

When the named quantity of token is extracted, its mining will stop forever.

  • revising mining rates of native R-Planet materials

To stabilize the earlier mentioned problem of the Aether oversupply, we have to revise mining rates of element NFTs. We realize the magnitude of this decision, as we have previously stated that the mining values of R-Planet NFT’s would not be “nerfed”, however, according to our calculation, this is the only way to save the usable value of Aether and not damage the project. We did our best to avoid changing the mining rates of elements. We did not do it during the phase of active inventing. The good news is that all the players will have five more days after the Big Update launch to exchange their NFT cards of elements to APH tokens at the former, higher rates.

Despite the flurry of accusations that will probably fall on us after this statement, it’s a necessary change that must be made to ensure the sustainability of the tokenomics moving forward into the next phase of the game.

These changes do not apply to the 🔶Rigs. The rigs remain just as powerful as they were at the moment of purchase.

🔴 5 days to exchange your NFTs to APH at former rates!

Players will be able to do this in the Staking Hub Tab.

🔴After that period, the NFTs will start their Aether mining at the new rate and could be burned in exchange for APH on renewed rates.

A few ways to use Aether in the future

Later, players will use Aether to purchase lands, robots, and other NFTs useful in the game.

Also, a player can invest some Aether into the RDAO token which will provide them an option to impact the development of the project and receive a passive income from it in the future. You can read more about it here.

Changes in the Aether withdrawing process

Another major change concerns the mined Aether withdrawing. Having a Claim Limit is a new concept in this process. The appropriate elements of UI will appear in the Staking Hub Tab after the Big Update. The Claim Limit is an amount of Aether that the player can transfer to their account during the withdrawal of mined Aether. It doesn’t depend on the amount of Aether mined by the moment of withdrawing.

Thus, the player who comes to withdraw their Aether will see two numbers on the page: The Mined Balance and Claim Limit. It does not matter how much Aether the player will have mined, they will be able to withdraw only the amount their Claim Limit allows.

The player can extend their Claim Limit by making an additional payment in Aether. The price for the boost is not fixed and depends on the amount on which you would like to increase your Claim Limit. The bigger the Claim Limit you would like to get, the more Aether you would need to pay.

After the extension, the Claim Limit will decline by 1% (from the actual at the moment of decline number) per hour. Until it comes back to the base value (which is 10 000 at the moment).

Therefore, the player will benefit from collecting his Aether regularly before the amount of mined Aether gets bigger than his actual Claim Limit. It will be especially crucial in case the player has extended his Claim Limit with Aether.


In this Tab, holders of R-Planet tokens will be able to stake LP tokens received for adding liquidity to trading pairs — AETHER/WAX and RDAO/WAX on DEFIBOX.

Adding liquidity is a process when you pass a certain amount of each token from the pair to the swap, getting LP tokens in return as a confirmation of your action and a guarantee that later you will be able to get your tokens back.

Users will be able to stake their LP tokens in Metafarming Tab and be rewarded in RDAO. Each pool will distribute 0.864 RDAO per hour until all 500 000 RDAO are distributed. This process will take approximately 200 days.

Additionally, they will have an option to stake the RDAO token and receive a reward in WAX.

💰 A Fund for those rewards, around ~900к WAX💰💰💰, will be formed partly from half of the Fund of Rewards for inventors of new materials and partly from commissions received for the trading of SimpleAssets FTs since the very launch of R-Planet.

And here we would like to appease all the inventors, who may be worried about the decreasing of the Fund of Rewards for inventors. In order to keep the size of the Inventor Prize🏆, we are going to increase it to 2 X. It should compensate for the impact of the Fund decrease and ensure that inventors will be rewarded the same way that has been done before.

Meanwhile, active development of the R-Planet: Conquest continues. All the changes and additional solutions described in this article will make the ancillary services of the R-Planet Metaverse compatible with the next phase of the game, and we believe will have a positive impact on the R-Planet Metaverse overall.

Step 1. The launch🚀 of the Big Update is scheduled for February 15

  • Staking Hub
  • RDAO Auctions
  • Metafarming

Step 2. The changes in mining rates of materials NFTs — for February 19

Step 3 — Reduction of the Aether general maximum supply; — mid-March

The main things you need to remember about the RDAO

Every owner of the RDAO token automatically becomes a member of the R-Planet DAO. They will be able to influence the decisions regarding the future of the project and receive dividends from it.

The main advantages of ownership of the RDAO are:

  • an option to take part in making key decisions about the future direction of the project development.
  • an option to receive passive gains. 75% of all financial income (Initial sales, commission from sales within the future R-Planet Marketplace, in-game sales) will be transferred to the R-Planet DAO Fund and distributed among all holders of the token.




R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims