Psssst …. Want to know all about Super Secret?

3 min readOct 26, 2021



My dear Crew, we have come such a long way so far. We’ve accompanied our advanced animals on their travels through outer space. We have been helping them to accumulate resources, to avoid dangers, and to overcome obstacles. By working together the community and team have contributed to R-planet reaching the stage where the final vision is within sight. A full-fledged MMO game developed with the application of NFT assets. We believe, R-Planet: Conquest will honorably stand in the same row and above other great games developed utilizing blockchain and NFT assets.

Secret Event of the R-Planet Roadmap

It’s time to officially unveil the Super Secret from the R-Planet Roadmap. This just might completely change your view on the future of R-Planet. There are actually two major events which we like to call The Super Secret and would like to officially announce them to you today.

Drum roll, please!……….

  • the R-Planet DAO
  • the R-Planet Marketplace

Later we’ll tell more about the R- Planet marketplace, where R-Planet citizens will be able to trade NFT game assets. Meanwhile, let’s talk about the DAO.

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an organization with no centralized leadership. Decisions in it are made from the bottom up by its members through voting for proposals. The DAO is ruled by smart-contracts fulfilling the rules written in it.

Members of R-Planet DAO will own RDAO tokens and will be able to vote using them.

This is our way of showing our faithful players who have been with us, supporting WECAN and R-Planet, that we believe in and trust you all. We pass the right to make important decisions regarding the future of R-Planet’s development to YOU, our loyal community. With this you gain the right to earn a portion of the R-Planet income in the future.

Supply and Distribution of RDAO

RDAO is the token of the R-Planet DAO. Its general supply of 10 000 000 will be distributed in the following way:

100 000 RDAO will be distributed among the most active players through an airdrop. (check here).

1 500 000 RDAO will be sold for Aether.

500 000 RDAO will be allocated for mining by adding liquidity to the pairs RDAO/WAX and RDAO/AETHER.

400 000 RDAO — will be allocated for mining through trading on the R-Planet Market Place.

2 500 000 RDAO — will be allocated for the team. Those tokens will be frozen and unlocked gradually in order to keep a fraction of the team at less than 25%.

5 000 000 RDAO — will be distributed in the future.

The main criteria to the distribution of RDAO is going to be a player’s contribution to the evolution of R-Planet and the amount of Aether they own. We believe the players who have crafted and invented the most, should have a bigger mining capacity. Therefore, they will have the greatest impact on the decision-making process.

The R-Planet DAO token will be distributed in three stages:

The 1st stage is an airdrop for a limited number of faithful players.

The 2nd stage will be a sale for the Aether.

The 3rd stage is mining by adding liquidity to the pairs RDAO/WAX and AETHER/WAX.

Advantages for R-Planet DAO Members

Every owner of the RDAO token automatically becomes a member of the R-Planet DAO. They will be able to influence the decisions regarding the future of the project and receive dividends from it.

The main advantages of ownership of the RDAO are:

  • an option to take part in making decisions about the future direction of the project development.
  • an option to receive passive gains. 75% of financial income (Initial sales, commission from sales within the future R-Planet Marketplace, in-game sales on the WAX blockchain) will be transferred to the R-Planet DAO Fund and distributed among holders of the token.

R-Planet is speeding up towards a very bright future!

Come, join us, won’t you.!




R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims