“R-PLANET”, a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun “
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R-Planet researchers continue creating and discovering new elements. The next big event everyone is waiting for is the unpacking event which is scheduled for February 25 at 4 pm UTC . Here we’ve gathered the facts and figures, you need to know to plan for the event and unpack your NFTs.

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Passengers, we have a problem. More sophisticated materials require a lot more aether, and the chipped animals are experiencing a lack of it. Captain Pig has been working night and day to create mining tools able to mine aether with higher efficiency. It wasn’t easy. He had to get creative, looking through everybody’s things in the spacecraft’s luggage compartment. Today he is ready to present a line of his creations he was working so hard on.

With these Mining Tools the chipped animals will be able to mine aether much faster. They can now invent and create, without wasting so…

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R-Planet researchers take a trial and error path trying to guess the right recipe. The farther they get, the harder inventing materials becomes. Researchers are banding together, trying to guess recipes with fewer losses.

A lot of materials have been unlocked so far, some of them by more than 600 different players, which means that all of the packs with NFTs of those materials are already distributed. The bigger the Fund of Rewards becomes, the bigger the reward grows for discovering new materials.

In this post, we are going to analyze the achievements of researchers a few days after the…

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Our chipped animals are aboard a spacecraft heading toward R-Planet. They have aether, the Generator of Materials, plenty of spare time and the great goal of preparing for their new life in a new homeland. .

Before the Game Starts

Aether is an essential matter of R-Planet. With it, you can buy the basic elements. The easiest way to get aether is to mine it, staking NFTs on the R-planet Staking System. Probably you have some NFTs you are not using at the moment. Stake them to get profit in aether (Check participating projects here. After you staking you will receive hourly rewards.


  1. Why stake NFTs?
  • By Staking NFTs, you mine aether.

2. What is aether?

  • Aether is an ingame currency of R-Planet used for buying basic elements.

3. Which elements are “basic”?

  • There are four basic elements: water, air, earth, and fire. They are Simple Asset FTs.

4. What is an FT?

  • FTs are Fungible tokens. They can be grouped and expressed as a quantity, in contrast to NFTs, Non-Fungible tokens, which represent unique items. In R-Planet elements and materials which can be used in recipes are FTs.

5. Why combine the elements?

  • Combining the basic elements allows you to guess recipes…

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R-Planet is about to launch the game’s first phase: Evacuation, an alchemy game, where players combine different materials to discover new ones. Any player who first discovers a new material is the Inventor.

All WAX collected during the event will go to the R-Planet Prize Fund!

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Space flight is impossible without detailed plans. Today we will share the plan for mission with everyone who is aboard the spacecraft of the R-Planet project, and with anyone who would like to join us in the future. We have a long and exciting trip before us full of adventures and discoveries.

The R-Planet NFT DeFi system will be a three-phase project, with each phase consisting of one or more games. All games will involve DEFI, NFT, and FT assets, created within the R-Planet ecosystem.

Phase 1: Evacuation

So, let the story begin! The way is long. Captain Pig constructed a Generator, which…

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Greetings WAX community and NFT enthusiasts!

Wecan the creators of Tribal Books and Prospectors, in conjunction with CrypoLions, the creators of the simple asset NFT standard, are proud to present:

R-PLANET” a revolutionary NFTs-staking system, which allows you to benefit from unused NFTs and have a lot of fun.

Stake your unused NFTs for profit and enjoyment!

You probably have some NFTs you are not using. Don’t let them collect dust.

Very soon, you’ll be able to stake NFTs from any of the projects listed on the R-PLANET NFT-DeFi staking system.

Initially, NFTs from Tribal Books and GPK cards will be available for staking.

Stake NFTs — mine Aether

And there’s more great news! SPEED MINING is available EXCLUSIVELY for early users.
You’ll be able to mine Aether with 5x speed !




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