Year-End Highlights: Hero & Gear Sale and Survival Server

3 min readDec 6, 2023


As the year of active development nears its end with the full-fledged game release on the horizon, we’re excited to announce two cool events before the year concludes: the Hero & Gear Sale and the launch of the next Survival Server.

Gear up for an intense battle where survival is key! In this fierce encounter, 100 daring survivors will emerge victorious. Prepare for this epic showdown by acquiring a powerful hero and some robust equipment during the Hero & Gear Sale, which will happen before the launch of the server.

Hero & Gear Sale

The Hero & Gear Sale is set to be extremely limited in pack quantity. During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire three separate packs that will have an enormous impact on the power of your army. Along with a brand-new hero you’ve never met before, we plan to offer a small quantity of really cool hero gear items on WAX, which will be available in rare and epic versions.

Three positions will be offered in the sale: Hero Pack, Rare Gear Pack Force, and Epic Gear Pack Force.

Hero Pack

This pack contains 1 Hero with increased basic force attributes.

Quantity: 100

Rare Gear Pack. Force

This pack includes hero Gear items that enhance their force in the rare rarity, such as Mask of Force, Ray Gun, Gauntlet of Force, Vest of Valor, and Bionic Boots. Additionally, the purchaser will receive a Rare monowheel to enhance their hero’s speed.

Quantity: 50

Epic Gear Pack. Force

This pack contains hero Gear items that enhance their force in the epic rarity, including: Mask of Force, Ray Gun, Gauntlet of Force, Vest of Valor, and Bionic Boots. Additionally, the purchaser will receive a Epic monowheel to improve their hero’s speed.

Quantity: 50

All items are withdrawable assets on the WAX blockchain, enabling multiple uses across different servers. Aether is the currency of the sale; prices will be revealed closer to the event. Mark your calendar — the sale kicks off on December 14 and runs until the very last box finds its owner.

Survival Server

As we approach the end of the year, gear up for an epic clash of survivors! We’ve revamped the format, introducing a new level of challenge where staying vigilant is crucial, even among your alliance members. This time, you’ll experience the thrill with a host of new functionalities recently added to the game.

The server will accommodate 1000 spots for eager participants.

Ahnangs will be a regular threat, attacking players from their camps, but the true danger lies in neighboring bases growing faster than your own.

On this server, explore new features such as the rearrangement of buildings on the base, even if all free foundations have already been taken. Unit production now involves withdrawing resources from your supply depot in the total amount needed to produce all units in the order, and orders cannot be changed during production. Check out our latest release notes for more details.

The server is set to launch on December 21. Brace yourself for a holiday season filled with excitement and new possibilities! Stay tuned with us to be among the first to receive updates and announcements.




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