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“R-PLANET”, a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun “

More than 90% of the land within the Swineland region has been unpacked so far. Owners of the first plots of R-planet land are successfully mining their native R-Planet minerals.

The demand for land in the Swineland region during the initial sale was massive, and as a result, many of our loyal players were not able to secure a plot for themselves. So for the next R-Planet land sale on April 29th, the 5000 plots in the newfound BoarVallis region will be made available exclusively to all of our most active players! …

Great news in the run-up to the initial R-Planet Land sale! In cooperation with, R-Planet has prepared a cool surprise for every landowner, a fine piece of land within The Uplift World metaverse. Also today we will provide more details regarding the initial R-planet land sale that will take place on April 15 at 16:00 UTC.

So what about Uplift.World land?!

Thanks to the cooperation of R-Planet and The Uplift.World, every owner of R-Planet land has a chance to get actual land within the UpLift metaverse. All you need to do is to boost your R-planet land. …

for our Closest Friends Only!

R-Planet land is waiting for its new inhabitants. Only trusted members of the R-Planet community will be able to participate in the Initial R-planet Land Sale. If you missed the whole evacuation stage, there is still a way to participate. All you need to do to become a true crewmate of our spacecraft, is to take a few simple steps.

Who can participate

The first segment of the R-Planet land, consisting of 5000 plots, will be sold during this initial sale. Which will be held in two pools for two different audiences. To take part in the sale…

On April,15, only for trusted members of the R-Planet community

While the spacecraft is heading to the R-Planet, life onboard goes its way. All the passengers have chosen occupations and now spend day after day inventing, researching, and creating.

They are much better prepared for colonization than at the beginning of their journey. The chipped animals have got the list of the materials they need to invent to be able to build a colony. Recently they also have received new important data about their future home.

“Eureka, we’ve done it!” Captain Pig exclaimed. After the successful deployment of the new generation of mining tools, there is finally enough Aether being produced to begin experiments toward the discovery of new elements.

Inspired by past success, Dr. Rabbit and his team have worked to find materials previously overlooked. As a result, they found 🔥 seventy-nine new materials available. Recipes for these materials still need to be discovered. The chipped animals do not know which materials they will require for the establishment of a colony after the landing. The better they are prepared the better prospects are.

Time is…

The spacecraft with the chipped animals onboard are heading toward their new home R-Planet at the crazy speed of 100 km per sec.! The second phase of the mission, the ‘Colonisation’ is quickly approaching!

The spaceship passengers work tirelessly, day and night to get prepared for life on the alien land. A lot of the materials, which are necessary for colonization, are still being explored. Discovery of new elements has been accelerated with the new mining rigs, yet still not fast enough.

Because a huge amount of work still needs to be done, our 🐷Captain Pig has produced a new…

Attention! To enable new mining rates for NFTs of elements/materials you need to unstake them and stake them again!

With all the modern tools, created by Captain Pig, mining of aether reached a new level. Some players composed mining rigs with a general mining power of dozens of thousands aether per hour. Such aether output creates much wider opportunities for players and especially for inventors of new materials.

However new materials become more complex and require much more effort and aether for their creation, while the NFTs, players get for them, have the same mining power as NFTs of the…

R-Planet researchers continue creating and discovering new elements. The next big event everyone is waiting for is the unpacking event which is scheduled for February 25 at 4 pm UTC . Here we’ve gathered the facts and figures, you need to know to plan for the event and unpack your NFTs.

Passengers, we have a problem. More sophisticated materials require a lot more aether, and the chipped animals are experiencing a lack of it. Captain Pig has been working night and day to create mining tools able to mine aether with higher efficiency. It wasn’t easy. He had to get creative, looking through everybody’s things in the spacecraft’s luggage compartment. Today he is ready to present a line of his creations he was working so hard on.

With these Mining Tools the chipped animals will be able to mine aether much faster. They can now invent and create, without wasting so…

R-Planet researchers take a trial and error path trying to guess the right recipe. The farther they get, the harder inventing materials becomes. Researchers are banding together, trying to guess recipes with fewer losses.

A lot of materials have been unlocked so far, some of them by more than 600 different players, which means that all of the packs with NFTs of those materials are already distributed. The bigger the Fund of Rewards becomes, the bigger the reward grows for discovering new materials.

In this post, we are going to analyze the achievements of researchers a few days after the…

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