What’s Next? New Features on the Next R-Planet Server

3 min readJul 21, 2023

With four servers behind us and one currently in progress, we are steadily progressing towards our goal: an exciting, slow-paced strategy game with regular servers of different types and assets that players can own and trade outside the game. We are grateful to all who have stayed with us on this alpha path for almost a year now; for your support, great ideas and trustful involvement.

Server by server, we keep adding more and more functionality and the next server will be no exception. We are working tirelessly to complete the new components and exciting features of the upcoming server scheduled for late September of 2023. And today, we will lift the curtain a little and share our plans and developments with you.

Onboarding tasks

Onboarding tasks is a list of tasks that, upon completion, will reward the user with certain resources. These tasks cover various game activities that players can fulfill during their gameplay. Here are a few examples of onboarding tasks tasks:

  • Send your hero on 10 quests.
  • Upgrade the Nexus to level 15.
  • Produce an army of 200,000 units.
  • Initiate an attack on another player.

Hopefully, these tasks will encourage even the most pacifist of players on R-Planet to engage in some healthy combat.

By accomplishing these objectives, players will be rewarded for their achievements in the game.

Hero Quest

If the hero has a quest point, he can embark on a quest. The quest take time to complete, but it’s a great chance to acquire some cool stuff along the way. The hero can bring back some useful assets from their trips; however, in every quest, the hero loses some health.

In-Game Unpacking

With the in-game unpacking feature, users will have the ability to open boxes containing assets directly within the game. It doesn’t matter whether these boxes were purchased, won, or found during the hero’s quests. It’s important to note that assets can be classified into two types:

  • Withdrawable Assets (NFT assets):

Currently, all assets are withdrawable NFTs until they are activated in the game. Users can deposit them within the game or withdraw them to the chain from which they were originally deposited, at any time they desire.

  • Non-Withdrawable Assets (in-game assets):

These assets can only be used within the server where they were obtained. They cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other chains or platforms.

These changes will enhance the value of withdrawable assets acquired as prizes or discovered during the adventures.

Hero Assets

The prizes for the winners of the Ahnangs invasions will be delivered to their respective owners before the next server begins. It’s worth noting that the Hero’s Gear found in the prize boxes is part of an exciting new feature that is currently in the final stages of development and testing.

So, let’s delve into the details of the Hero Gear and one-time-use tools designed specifically for the hero. This equipment has been meticulously prepared, and its functionality will become available in the next server.

The Hero’s equipment encompasses a wide range of items, including various types of helmets, armor, cloaks, boots, means of transportation, and devices, some of them in different rarities. Each of these items will have a distinct impact on the hero or their army, influencing properties such as hero health recovery, hero strength, hero speed, unit attack, unit defense, and unit speed, among others.

Furthermore, there are one-time-use tools at the hero’s disposal. These tools include a First aid kit for health recovery, a Mixpad for point rearrangement, and various other tools that prove invaluable during the hero’s missions.

We are currently taking a short break with the servers to ensure that we can introduce the next Ahnangs Invasion server with all this incredible new functionality! We anticipate its release in late September.




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