Welcome to Your New Laboratory

The R-Planet user interface continues to evolve as we get ready for the Conquest phase of the game. With the advent of Robots, the next phase of the R-Planet adventure is right around the corner.

One of our highest priority tasks is the adaptation of the UI for the next phase of the game and the upgrades to provide the long-awaited functionality improvements. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible for the community, the crew is going to implement these changes during the next few updates.

This first update will bring two major changes which we will describe today. The first generator upgrade is the new “All recipes” Tab in your laboratory. It will show you the recipe of any known material and let you craft this material right here, step-by-step from the very basic elements. The second change is an update to the UI which will relocate the “Staking” tab to a menu which is accessible from any page.

Your New Lab

There are three Tabs on your laboratory screen: Generator, My elements, and All recipes. You are familiar with the first two. Yet the third one will probably become your favorite. It will allow you to look over the recipe of any known material and craft this material right in the Tab. If you have any of the required ingredients in your inventory, they will be shown in the right place in the recipe, so you’ll be able to use them.

  1. First, choose the element you want to make. Let’s try BOILER

2. You can see right away which ingredients you already own and which are yet to be crafted.

3. You can see in the image that we are missing METAL to create the BOILER.

4. Click on the material you would like to craft, and you will see whether you have everything needed for it. If yes, you will be able to craft it right away. Now you will have all the materials needed to create your desired element.

And just like that, you can craft even very difficult materials, step-by-step

This tool will save you from redundant mistakes and losses.


Please, keep in mind, you still have to use the Generator for inventing.

This first upgrade of the UI will enable the crafting of one element at a time. It is the first major step toward the fast and secure crafting of FTs on the R-Planet.io site! The next and more exciting step moves us toward the Auto-generator, which will enable you to craft even very sophisticated elements with one action, eliminating the need of any third-party tools.

Relocation of Staking

Another change we will see with this update is the STAKING Tab will be moved to the Settings. So after the next update, to stake or to unstake NFTs, and to claim rewards, you should go to the Staking Tab in Settings.

Next major update!

Right now we are working on the next major update for the alchemy phase of the game. We will share more details soon!

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