Welcome to the R-Planet Ambassadors club

3 min readApr 1, 2022


When we introduced Staking 2.0, some members of our community paid particular attention to one thing, 25 billion Aether locked by the team in order to support some bright projects. We would like to explain our rationale and our criteria for voting and how we can make the very process of distribution as transparent as possible. Today we are sharing with you our vision of the R-Ambassadors Program.

Welcome to the Club of 10 R-Ambassadors

R-Planet: Conquest is on its way. And we would like to make it known to the world. Any help will be appreciated on our way to that goal. To incentivize projects listed on the Staking Hub to support R-Planet, We’ve decided to reward the most active ambassadors with our vote! By sharing information about R-Planet with their communities and contributing to the development of the ecosystem, projects may earn an available ambassador slot.

  • 10 spots of an R-Planet ambassador will be available;
  • 2.5 B Aether in each vote;
  • the vote will be redistributed monthly.

Any project who wishes to become an R-Planet ambassador and receive votes from our team, may submit a monthly report documenting their contributions of either social media content which promotes R-Planet or tools and activities which benefit the ecosystem. The R-Planet team will study all the reports, analyze them and vote for each of the 10 most active ambassadors with 2.5 B Aether.


  1. We will collect reports until the 25th of each month on the official email (cmo@wecan.dev).
  2. A list of Top 10 ambassadors will be announced between 1st-3rd of each month, with further vote distribution.
  3. Any project listed on the R-Planet Staking Hub may participate.

Requirements for contributions:

The contributions we are going to evaluate could be conditionally divided into two categories:

— The first one is content that popularizes the project through social media. It could be just mentioning, a full article dedicated to the project, or different interactive events for community engagement. Different types of content will be evaluated with a different number of points:

  • unique article in Medium — up to 10 points;
  • unique Telegram/Twitter/Discord post — up to 5 points;
  • repost of the R-Planet article — up to 3 points;
  • sharing of the R-Planet Telegram/Twiter/Discord post — up to 2 points;
  • video or some interactive content up to 20.

So, if you mention R-Planet in a positive way in any of your publications, you can add a link to it in your report. It can be content about R-Planet, about your project’s place in the R-Planet metaverse, or just mentioning R-Planet or any of its services. The quality of the content as well as other criteria such as the amount of organic engagement (likes, comments, retweets, claps, etc) will be used to judge these social posts and awards points.

— The second one is tools and activities which develop the R-Planet ecosystem, such as:

  • useful tools for players — up to 100 points
  • blends with R-Planet cards — up to 50 points
  • activities that expand the usability of R-Planet tokens — up to 50 points
  • other useful products for the R-Planet ecosystem — up to 100 points

First of all content and products should facilitate community engagement; promote the team vision and clarificate usability and gameplay;

At the moment 10 from 25 billion Aether locked for the team is supporting the WECAN collection. Those tokens will be revoked before the first distribution of votes. We are sure that we have enough friends to support this collection with our joint efforts.

The first distribution of votes under the 10 Ambassadors program is scheduled for May 1st. R-Planet welcomes all the listed projects to join the competition! April 25 is the due date for your reports! Do not forget to include a working link to all of your content in your report. We wish you creative inspiration and an ocean of ideas! Your R-Planet, #ourRplanet.










R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims