Unveiling the Minds Behind R-Planet: Insights from Our Moderators. Part1. Kim

5 min readJul 28, 2023

In the boundless metaverse of R-Planet, our moderators steer the community’s adventures with skill and dedication. We are excited to share with you a unique glimpse into the minds of these dedicated individuals who curate and nurture the community.

In this exclusive article, we have gathered responses from the esteemed moderators of R-Planet, unraveling their personal journeys into this virtual land, the driving force behind their passion for the game, and the invaluable wisdom they have accumulated along the way.

Please welcome Kim Kumbaya!

Tell us briefly about yourself.

My name is Kim and I’m 28 years old. Originally I’m from the northern parts of Norway, but currently living in the countryside in eastern Norway!

I joined WAX at the start of february 2021, and while searching for actual games i found R-Planet right after the alchemy game had launched. Even though the game was a bit simpler than my average game it got me hooked, and joining up with the rest of the community over at Telegram made it even more awesome.

It was about a month after I joined the Telegram that I was offered the role of moderator, as I was constantly in there and didn’t mind helping others I simply said yes. Since then I’ve been keeping an eye on the chat, pointing people in the right direction, throwing bots out, trying to ease the mood when there’s “fires” starting and in general have an everyday chat with the regulars.

I try to give a bit of myself to the community through troublesome times, and the most memorable moment gotta be when wax was suffering from way too many transactions. A lot of people were unable to craft, and most people only had enough CPU for a handful of transactions. So during this time I offered to stake a handful of wax for R-Planeteers, and offered to do the crafting for people. While it’s sad to say, and even though I loved getting in touch with people and helping them, I was going mental during the manual crafting! Needless to say, I don’t want people to be shy. Instead just ask if there’s anything they need a hand with. My DM is also open for people who don’t receive answers in the R-Planet general chat.

What do you like about the R-Planet game?

The fighting, the challenge, the endless possibility of future modes! The fact that the team listens to the community and also wants a variety of modes is just great, it makes it so that the future could bring us a lot of new and interesting game modes.

There’s also the matter of all the possible ways of playing a server depending on your team and how you decide to go at it.

Lastly, having blockchain integration opens up for a lot of possibilities regarding assets and ownership. I can only hope that the future makes people and gamers more open to web3 and its benefits for the consumers.

How much time do you spend playing the game per day when the server is up?

It varies, when I’m really going at it I can be spending most of the day either in the game, in the team chat or both. This is especially during the early-game. When we reach late-game the amount of time spent usually goes down a little, but planning and organizing in team chats and giving tasks in DMs still demands a lot of time.

Did you use NFTs during the game?

Yes! Both lands and one-timers. I used a lot less NFTs during the first invasion server though. I also plan to go through one server without using any kind of NFT to make it both a challenge and to gather the experience regarding such play.

Share some tips and life hacks for beginners in the game.

Encourage friends and teammates to be social and play as a team. All games are more interesting and more fun when people can be casual with each other.

Level 1 buildings can be destroyed for a full refund.

Join or create an alliance and fill it up. At the start, have everyone make a handful of troops for when the initial shield drops. Even if everyone has only 200 troops each, that is still 10k troops in total, 3 days into a server that can smash any offensive army.

Keep your bases to either offense or defense until you’ve grasped the knowledge of how to go about it otherwise. Leveling troops and researching is expensive early-game when you could easily level mines or expand New bases.

Don’t expand too much until there’s enough troops to cover yourself.

You can never have enough troops, whenever you think you have enough, keep on making more.

Know when to avoid a fight and when to defend. Losing a lot of troops without really damaging the enemy is a waste of troops and could be a huge setback.

What are your other favorite games?

That would be a lot of games to list, but through a rotation i tend to play:

Dota, Wc3, 7 days to die, Rust, Satisfactory, Space Engineers.

And a whole range of different RPGs, strategy or survival games, all depending on my own mood, who I’m playing with and if I’m tired of what I’m currently playing. There have been several mobile games up over the years, but currently R-Planet is the only one.

Maybe you want to add something.

Remember that there is a lot more to games than the game itself, treat your teammates and enemies well and you might discover New Long-term friends and future teammates, be it either for R-Planet or any other games you have in common or decide to try together! Being in an alliance or team does not mean all talks have to be about the current game and round. Be friendly and everything will be alot more enjoyable




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