The Sale of Universal Robots for Aether

Technical Details

Hey, Dear Crew! I hope you did not forget to claim your Aether today, since you will need it no later than this Tuesday! For the first time in the history of R-Planet, universal robots, the last known invention of Captain Pig, will be sold for Aether! Today we are going to go through the technical details of the sale, but first, let’s remember where you can get Aether.

The old good way to get some Aether is to stake R-Planet NFTs in the Staking Hub. If you have no R-Planet NFTs in your possession, please check the list of the first 21 projects on the Staking Hub, their NFTs are mining Aether as well. The reward is paid hourly. Please, do not forget to collect it regularly, so you have no need to increase your claim limit.

The other way is to buy Aether on an exchange, for example, you can use Alcor or Defibox.

And now about conditions of the Sale of universal Robots for Aether:

Starts 4 PM UTC on Tuesday, May 24

Duration — 24 h

The general amount of packs available:

Small Pack (100 rob) — 4000

Big Pack (500 rob) — 1000

Limit — 10 packs in one hand;

Cooldown — 10 min.

Prices (Aether):

Prices (Aether)

IMPORTANT! As we’ve promised before, 75% of all Aether collected will go to the DAO fund. After the end of RDAO auctions it will be distributed between all RDAO holders.

Additional units of robots never will be superfluous! Make your army as strong as ever!



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