The R-Planet Team Declares: Rigs for Everyone!

3 min readMay 18, 2021

Meanwhile on 🪐R-Planet…

More space ships continue to arrive on R-Planet, and the community is expanding at a phenomenal rate. The spacecraft, filled with those seeking a better life, are nearing their destination to the R-Planet lands. Newcomers who want to contribute to the crafting of the elements needed to begin a new life there, are finding that there’s not much they can do. The mining tools have become so scarce, there’s not enough Aether for them to use the generator. Even the simple mining rigs cost more than most new arrivals can afford.

In the meantime, we’re receiving alarming reports about mysterious UFOs wandering near the planet. Sightings of robot drones keep appearing here and there leaving some of the chipped animals feeling uneasy. The Captain Pig🐷 knows, they should be prepared for anything and they need to be able to defend themselves.

“We need more Aether” Captain Pig exclaims!

The crew is aware of the desperate need for more mining rigs and know the situation is critical. They know it’s time for the next portion of rigs to be distributed. Through tireless meetings, the chipped animals have been discussing how to ensure the even and fair distribution of the mining tools.

The animals are very conscious of all the new arrivals coming to R-Planet, and many more are on the way. They all deserve a fair chance to secure some mining power so they can contribute to the cause.

Everyone is included !

The WECAN team has decided against using a whitelist so that no one will be left out of the sale. We want everyone to be included and have an equal chance. By enabling strict pack limits and a cooldown period, we believe there will be a fair and wide distribution of the Rig packs. Hopefully, all of the new followers of the project will be able to get started with crafting elements and making their contribution to the common cause.

We will use the Atomic market system for the sale with the Google captcha in place to ensure the best user experience while doing our best to eliminate the bots from participating in the sale.

After much deliberation, we’ve made a decision: each user will only be allowed to purchase 1 Mini Pack and 1 Mega Pack, with a 5 min cooldown period.

The Sale

The mining rig NFTs will be distributed during two 1-hour sales. We will follow the same format as the last mining tool sale, where the unpacking event will take place one hour after the second sale is launched.

Two different Packs will be available:

🔥Mini Pack of Mining Tools contains 6 NFT cards of mining tools.

Probability of cards by different rarities in percentages:

Common — 63%

Uncommon — 22,5%

Rare — 9,5%

Epic — 4%

Legendary — 0,8%

Mythic — 0,2%

Combined mining power — 1000+ Aether/Hour guaranteed

Price — 30$ (in WAX)

9000 Mini Packs will be available.

The sale starts on Saturday, May 22nd ⏰at 4PM UTC

Sale duration — 1 hour

🔥Mega Pack of Mining Tools — 24 NFT cards of mining tools.

Probability of cards by different rarities in percentages:

Common — 63%

Uncommon — 22%

Rare — 9,5%

Epic — 4%

Legendary — 1%

Mythic — 0,5%

Combined mining power — 4000+Aether/Hour guaranteed

Price — 120$ (in WAX)

2250 Mega Packs will be available.

The sale starts on Saturday, May 22nd ⏰at 5 PM UTC

Sale duration — 1 hour

✨Pack opening will begin one hour later, at 6 PM UTC

R-Planet: Evacuation — YouTube

Captain Pig reminds all the new arrivals: “We are still too vulnerable. We need more land mining so that our robot defense network will be ready to defend our land, our new home.”









R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims