The R-Planet Land Upgrade

4 min readJul 28, 2021

After the many reported sightings of alien ships spotted in the solar system, the chipped animals knew it was time to ramp up production of the minerals needed to create their army and defend their new home.

Upgraded lands produce more R-Planet minerals, the building materials for creating your robot army. Read more about robots here:

Many of the R-Planet settlers have been anxiously waiting for the ability to use their inventory of elements to upgrade their land. And with the ever present danger of an alien invasion, the need to be prepared is of utmost importance.

Upgrade your land to mine more R-Planet minerals.

  • to get an advantage at the start of a first game world.
  • to create more robots.
  • to capture more lands.
  • to defend these precious lands for a longer time.

And so, WEACAN are proud to present the next milestone from the roadmap…

The Land Upgrading

By upgrading your R-planet land you are able to improve the rate of mining on your land to produce minerals more efficiently. With every upgrade to your land, the faster your minerals will accumulate.

  • With the help of the elements (FT’s) we have been crafting, you can upgrade your land all the way to a maximum level of 200.
  • Every level of upgrade will increase the mining power of your land by 2%

To upgrade to the next level

  • 3% more upgrading power than the previous level will need to be added.

For example:

To reach Level 1:

60,000 upgrading power will be needed.

To reach Level 2 = level 1 + an additional 3% will be needed.

so, 60,000 + 3% = 61,800

(total of upgrading power to reach level 2=121,800 )

To reach level 3, another 3% will be added to level 2:

61,800 + 3% =63,654 , so the total needed for level 3 is:

(Level 1) 121,800 + (Level 2) 63,654 = (Level 3)185,454

and so on ..


Each element has its own level of upgrading power which is determined by the amount of Aether spent to create that element. The more Aether that was spent, the more upgrading power the element FT has. For example, the “Base level” elements will all have 10,000 upgrading power as they cost 10,000 Aether in the “SHOP”

-ONE, TWO or THREE elements can be added to the upgrader to reach the desired level.

This is where strategically using the Elements will come into play.

For example: Level 1 = 60,000 in upgrading power.

this can be reached by using different combinations of elements such as;

1- Pressure (40,000) + Air (10,000) + Fire (10,000)

*Note that level 1 requires 60,000 mining power and we have the exact amount (60K) of element mining power in the upgrader. This is the most efficient way to upgrade, as we have not wasted any leftover mining power in the upgrader.

By adding higher power elements, the Upgrader will automatically show you how close you are to the next level.

Here’s another example:

As was shown earlier, to reach level 3, a total of 185,454 upgrading power is needed.

So, in this case, by starting with

Plant (160,000) + Pressure (40,000) =200,000 mining power has been added to the Upgrader.

This has overshot the 185,454 needed to reach level 3, by a total of 14,546. (as shown below).

The upgrader shows how much more upgrading power is needed to get to the next level.

After you confirm the action by clicking “UPGRADE”, your land will be upgraded up to the level of the total upgrading power of used elements allows.

In this case, you would upgrade your land to level 3.

Once you “UPGRADE” The Upgrader will show the amount needed to get to the next level. Excess upgrading power in the upgrader will be lost.

You can upgrade your land with any element FTs you have in your inventory (“my elements”), keeping in mind the level you want to reach with a current upgrade.

The user interface is developed so that you can easily choose the best combination of FTs to reach your desired level of the land as efficiently as possible.

Upgrading your land will be the single most important factor to growing your army. The larger your robot forces, the more successful you will be.

All of the most skillful robot army commanders will receive rewards from the crew. These rewards will provide resources that can help to build their armies into bigger, stronger and better forces.

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R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims