The New NFT Distribution Model Goes Live Today

Today, Tuesday the 14th of September at 2 pm UTC, R-Planet 🚀 launches the new NFT distribution model, along with a Generator fee cut by — 80%, and a 2X WAX reward for Inventors.

After the update, each player will have 24 hours to craft an element once a recipe is found. For every element crafted during the 24 hour period, the player will receive the FT of that element, as well as a ticket ensuring his participation in the automatic draw of 600 NFTs. The draw will take place 24 hours after the invention.

The Inventor will get:

  • a prize of WAX, which will be 2x time larger, after the update;
  • the Inventor Prize, an NFT with Mythic Level Staking Power;
  • FT of the material/element;
  • a ticket for NFT draw.

Every player, who crafts within the 24 hour period after the invention, will get:

  • FT of the material/element;
  • a ticket for the draw of 600 NFTs.

You can increase your chance of getting NFTs from the draw by crafting more FTs of the material/element and thus getting more tickets.

More tickets = More chances. Each ticket entered can win you an NFT but each ticket can also only win once. 👉Read more in our previous article: MISSION MAGA

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