The Initial Crafting of R-Planet Proto Robots

3 min readOct 18, 2021


Captain Pig disappeared without any trace, yet he did not leave the advanced animals defenseless against the threat of the Ahnangs. As a thoughtful and caring leader, he left behind 3 robot prototypes. Luckily, we find that these robots can be crafted from R-Planets minerals, mixed in different proportions.

The crafting of robots will be held in stages. With this being the initial crafting stage with more to come at a later date. Each of these crafting stages will be time sensitive . The initial crafting stage will start on October 19 at 6 pm UTC (time updated) and will last for 24 hours.

You’ll be able to craft 3 different types of robots in the form of two kinds of robot unit NFTs.

These NFTs exist outside the game just like any other NFT, but once they are activated into the game as reinforcements, they are in-game assets only, and cannot be taken back out of the game. They are one-time use assets.

About Proto Robots

Meet our proto robots: Chad, Quasimodo or Bobert . Each of them have different characteristics and will be useful for certain combat missions.

Chad is a very fast aviation unit with good attacking qualities and weak defensive characteristics and medium backpack.

Quasimodo is a ground unit. His heavy fists are great in defense against the ground forces. His huge backpack is excellent for robberies.

Bobert is a ground unit, he has outstanding characteristics of attack against the air forces, and also exhibits strong defense capabilities.

How everything will happen

  1. Choose the type of robot (Chad, Quasimodo or Bobert ) and the kind of robot unit NFT you would like to craft (small or big).
  2. Look over how much each of the minerals will be spent.
  3. Confirm that you agree to use those minerals and craft robots from them.
  4. Wait momentarily, while the crafting of your new robots takes place.
  5. Collect your awesome new robot NFTs.

Please pay close attention. You will be able to inject minerals mined before the launch of the Conquest game in the first Conquest world, and only by crafting robots with them.

After the launch of the first game server, the player will be able to set up mining of materials on his base by constructing the required buildings. After the Conquest game launch, those minerals will become in-game resources. The player won’t be able to take them out of the game, but they’ll be able to use them in the creation and deployment of new bases and in the construction of the superweapon.

Technical details of the crafting

The crafting will be available for 24 hours. Every account will be able to craft 10 NFTs of each kind of robot unit with 10 min cooldown between crafts.

You’ll be able to activate those NFTs on any server after the game launch. The number of robot activations permitted each day may be limited

Chad, Quasimodo, and Bobert will be able to defend your base if any tough situations happen at the very beginning of the game. Аlso, they are a great reinforcement, if the situation gets intense

There will be an additional limited number of robot NFTs available for sale in Aether as previously mentioned in the future events!




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