Release Notes: Version 2.2.3

4 min readMay 26


We are approximately a week away from the Ahnangs Invasion. In version 2.2.3 we have prepared numerous highly anticipated features and improvements. In this release note, we will provide an overview of what to expect.

New features:

New Feature: Hero Main Functionality

The Hero’s functionality comprises of several components and the fundamental ones have already been implemented and are available in the current version.

The Hero is capable of transitioning from one base to another.

Players can send their Hero into battle alongside the units belonging to the base to which the hero is attached. The hero’s properties, such as health, speed, force (attack and defense), unit attack boost, unit defense boost, mining rate and Masics capacity, have been successfully implemented.

Furthermore, the Hero possesses additional characteristics, namely experience and level. By accumulating experience points through battle participation, you can level your Hero up. Upon reaching a new level, the hero receives a number of upgrade points that can be allocated to improve various properties such as force, mining rate, Masics capacity, unit attack, unit defense, and unit speed.

In the event that the Hero falls in battle, the player has the option to revive the Hero, although this requires both time and resources.

New Feature: Grouping Combat Events in the Activity Tab

In response to player feedback regarding the lengthy list of events during battles, we have implemented grouping combat events in the Activity Tab.

For instance, attacks launched on a base will now be consolidated as a single event with a numerical indicator above it. The time displayed alongside the event will indicate when the first attack from the group is expected to reach the base. By clicking on the grouped attack, players will have the ability to review the complete list of attacks within that group.

New Feature: Base Relocation

In this latest update, players now have the ability to relocate their initial base once during the game, provided they have not yet acquired another base. However, it’s important to note that base relocation is not possible if any tasks are currently in progress. This includes incoming transfers and attacks.

New Feature: Cancellation of Operations

In this version, users now have the ability to recall their units even after they have already departed from the base. To initiate the recall, users must press the “Return” button within a limited timeframe following the departure of the units from the base.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Bug Fix: Messenger Font Color

We have resolved a bug in the messenger where the font color would appear black when users were typing on a black background.

Bug Fix: Combat Calculator and Inappropriate Units

We have addressed a bug in the combat calculator that resulted in the calculation of attacks, including units that were sent on the base as support, even if they were not displayed in the user interface.

Bug Fix: Battle Report Display Issue

We have addressed an issue in the battle reports where support units on the enemy’s base, which were killed during the battle when attacked by the player, were incorrectly displayed as player losses, colored in red instead of green.

Bug Fix: Missing “Back” Button after Sharing Combat Report

We have addressed a bug where, after sharing a combat report, players were unable to navigate back to the dialogue because the “Back” button was missing.

Improvement: Progress Indicator for Action Buttons

We have implemented a progress indicator for action buttons. You will now notice a small indicator located in the top-right corner of the action button, providing visual feedback on the progress of the action.

Improvement: Disabling Upgrade Booster for Expansion Hub

To enhance the balance of the game, we have made an improvement by disabling the “Finish Now” NFT booster for the Expansion Hub.

Improvement: Confirmation for Attacks on Alliance Members

To prevent accidental attacks on alliance members, we have implemented an additional confirmation step that players need to acknowledge before initiating an attack.

Improvement: Confirmation Checkbox for Deleting Account

In order to prevent the accidental deletion of player accounts and the potential loss of all assets across servers, we have introduced an additional warning message and a confirmation checkbox.

Bug Fix: Journal Update Issue

We have resolved a bug where the journal was not updating correctly after clicking on the “Load More” button. This issue prevented the display of additional entries in the journal.




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