Release Notes: Version 0.3.1

2 min readOct 23, 2023

Welcome to R-Planet’s latest update, Version 0.3.1.

We’re thrilled to introduce a host of new features and improvements that will enhance your gaming experience.


1.Partial Return for Supports

Due to numerous requests from our players, we have added the ability to partially return supporting units to their original base.

2. Points Timer and Hero State for Adventure

With this new feature a countdown to the next quest point is now visible for the players convenience. Also the Heroes state (ie. restoring, relocating, attack, and support) is displayed.

The last reward info is shown in the Hero Adventures tab.

3. Halloween Theme

Players can enjoy the Halloween spirit with new decorations on the base and user info tab.

4. Push notification for private chat messages

This will help to keep players informed and connected. The player can turn off the notifications if they wish.

5. Editable Alliance Description

When creating an alliance, players can now add a description to it. So, from now on, alliance owners can describe their values and the mission they are fighting for. They also have the option to edit this description when needed.


  • Improved Alien invasion visibility
  • Added explanation if base cannot be hacked.
  • Disabled the relocate button if the relocation on the chosen type of plot is impossible.




R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims