R-Planet Unpacking

R-Planet researchers continue creating and discovering new elements. The next big event everyone is waiting for is the unpacking event which is scheduled for February 25 at 4 pm UTC . Here we’ve gathered the facts and figures, you need to know to plan for the event and unpack your NFTs.

After unpacking , an R-Planet Simple Asset pack ➡️ will become an Atomic Asset card:

1 NFT card in every pack.

36 unique kinds of cards per 600 NFTs of each material

36 mint #1 cards per each material

The player who will open the first pack of the certain material, will get a #1 mint NFT guaranteed.

NFTs of each material will have six different rarities, and each rarity may have 6 different styles. That is 36 different kinds of cards overall. Cards of each kind will have their own card MINT#1. That means 36 mint #1 cards per 600 cards for each material. So, there are many chances for lucky players to find a new type, not yet discovered, and receive a #1 mint card.

Please, keep in mind. #1 mint Pack doesn’t guarantee you a #1 mint NFT. It will go to one who will be the first to open the pack with the relevant material.

Mining aether with R-Planet NFTs. The mining power of the R-Planet Cards is much higher than other NFTs.

The Next Step is The Sale of Tools for Aether Mining

Trying to overcome a critical aether shortage, Captain Pig invented a variety of new mining tools. You’ll be able to purchase them during the next major event of R-Planet road map, which is the Sale Mining Tools, scheduled on Sunday, February, 28th. It will be launched in two stages: the Sale of the Mini Packs, starts at ⏰5 pm UTC, and the Sale of Mega Packs starts an hour later, at ⏰6 pm UTC.

Two kind packs will be available for purchase:

🔸MiniPack of Mining Tools contains 6 NFT cards of mining devices.

Combined mining power — 1000+ AEther/Hour guaranteed

Price — 25$ (in WAX)

🔸Mega Pack of Mining Tools — 24 NFT cards of mining devices.

Probability of cards by different rarities in percentages:

Combined mining power — 4000+ Aether/Hour guaranteed

Price — 100$ (in WAX)

Learn more here

So, there are two 🔥Thursday, Feb. 25 and Sunday, Feb. 28 are the red days in our calendar this week.

Thursday, Feb. 25

🔥Unpacking Launch — at 4 pm UTC

Sunday, Feb. 28

🚀Start of the Sale of Mining Tools Mini Packs — at 5 pm UTC

🚀Start of the Sale of Mining Tools Mega Packs — 6 at pm UTC

Mark your calendars and don’t miss a thing! A lot of fun ahead!


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