R-Planet Staking 2.0 Welcomes New Projects

3 min readJan 27, 2022

On the last day of 2021, pools from all third-party projects of the R-Planet Staking System stopped mining Aether. To be exact, the mining power of each of them dropped down to 0. Now, the R-planet NFT Staking System is preparing to be reborn as Staking 2.0. The main difference of the renewed staking system is that players will get an option to impact the participation of their favorite project in the Aether distribution and mining power of its pool.

Basic Rules of Staking 2.0

Here we talk about the rules of Staking 2.0 for third-party projects and the way it will function. So, renewed staking will consist of a list of the participating projects, only the first 21 of which will be able to mine Aether. Players will have an option to vote for their favorite project with their Aether. There will be a “VOTE” button near the name of each listed project. Once you press it, you choose how much Aether you would like to use to vote for the project’s placement and confirm the action. This will lock up your Aether for at least 30 days, so vote wisely! The order of projects in the list will be formed according to the amount of Aether used to vote for it. The first place in the list will be taken by a project voted with the largest amount of Aether staked to it by the community.


  1. Players vote for their favorite projects with Aether. This Aether will be locked to this project until a player changes their mind. Сancellation of the voted Aether amount will happen instantly but returning the Aether to the player’s account takes 30 days, so try to vote strategically.
  2. Only the first 21 projects in the general list of projects will be able to mine Aether and will mine a pool size according to their position (position is dynamic).
  3. The higher the place in the general list the project has (with more Aether used for voting), the bigger the Aether mining pool it has.
  4. In the same way as before, the reward for each staked NFT will be calculated by dividing the general mining power of the pool by fractions according to the mining rate of a certain card.
  5. Each vote will be calculated instantly. Right after the user confirms the action they will be able to see if their vote has changed the order of the projects in the list.
  6. To be added to the general list of projects available for voting a project’s representative should fill out and submit the 👉🏼🌟🌟🌟FORM🌟🌟🌟 to the team for review.

The R-Planet team reserves the right to refuse/remove a project whenever the project fails to continually meet the presented requirements.

The following Tab shows the Aether volume of the mining pools for all 21 spots of the projects available to mine.

Dear players, if you have any NFT cards of third-party projects, staked in the R-Planet Staking System, your cards are as safe as before. You can unstake them any time you want, remembering that all projects that have been listed in the R-Planet Staking System before, are automatically whitelisted for the R-Planet Staking 2.0. So, if you’d like you can just wait until the launch and see where the project lands, scheduled for late February.




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