R-Planet Roadmap Update

2 min readJul 10, 2021

Many weeks have passed since the crew of R-Planet animals landed on the R-planet surface. The chipped animals have settled in at their new home and their work to prepare for a new life there continues. They’ve occupied some territory, started mining the various R-Planet minerals, and built an underground laboratory to move forward with the research of new elements. Meanwhile, as more and more settlers arrived on the R-Planet with hopes of new beginnings, many began to get anxious for news from the main crew. What is the plan? — they all kept asking each other.

Finally, this is the day you all were waiting for… The R-Planet crew is ready to announce an updated Road Map!

July 14 — Backend/UX optimization

This next update will include a few small improvements to the user experience, save some time for inventors and will improve efficiency for the game backend.

July 19 — Presentation of Robots

The crew will publish the first article from the series which will describe the Conquest stage of the R-Planet. It will describe the process of the robot creation, types, and tasks of the robots. Also in this article, the crew will share the latest graphics of the combat robots.

July 21 — User interface Upgrade

This update will be the launch of the new user interface adapted for the upgrade of the lands and increased mineral mining power!

July 28 — Launch of lands upgrade

After the new user interface is launched, we will enable the land upgrade functionality. All owners of the R-Planet land will be able to upgrade their property and make it more productive.

Q3 2021 — Launch of robots

This update will begin the next phase of the game, where players will be able to begin creating their own robot armies.

Q2 2022 (updated) — Launch of the Conquest game

This is when the real battle for resources and survival will start. Get prepared and plan now, so that your robot droid army will be ready !

There are many more game updates and a few big events that were not included in the Roadmap, since we are not ready to give away all the surprises just yet! Make sure to stay active in the telegram so you don’t miss out on any of the excitement!😉

Just remember, you never know which FT-element will save you when the going gets rough! There’s no doubt that for these chipped animals, the battle has just begun.

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