R-Planet improves mining rates for NFTs of more complex materials.

Attention! To enable new mining rates for NFTs of elements/materials you need to unstake them and stake them again!

With all the modern tools, created by Captain Pig, mining of aether reached a new level. Some players composed mining rigs with a general mining power of dozens of thousands aether per hour. Such aether output creates much wider opportunities for players and especially for inventors of new materials.

However new materials become more complex and require much more effort and aether for their creation, while the NFTs, players get for them, have the same mining power as NFTs of the simplest materials. It looks unfair and we decided to fix it by improving the aether mining rate for more complex materials.

Before the update, the mining rate of a specific NFT card of the element/material depended only on its rarity:

Common — x1

Uncommon — x3

Rare — x6

Epic — x12

Legendary — x25

Mythic — x100

Meanwhile the complexity of the material, in other words, the number of basic elements that have to be used to create the element, has been having no impact on the mining rate of its NFT.

To bring justice in the process of aether mining, make the creation of new elements profitable, and reward inventors and players with a fair profit, we decided to tie the mining power of the NFT of the material to the complexity of creation of this material. Binding to the rarity also remains valid.

To reach this goal we have implemented a few changes. Please, notice that here we will talk about starting rates for the lowest rarity (common).

1. NFTs of BASIC ELEMENTS. The mining power for NFTs of four basic elements (water, air, earth, and fire) was increased x5 times.

2. NFTs of MATERIALS. The starting mining power for NFT of other materials will be calculated by the formula:

P = 1,25*n,

where ’n’ is a number of basic elements spent on the creation of the current material.

With rarities taken into account:

Common — 1.25

Uncommon — 3.75

Rare — 7.5

Epic — 15

Legendary — 31.25

Mythic — 125

Thereafter the starting mining power for the simplest materials created using only four basic elements was decreased 4 times.

Let’s try to calculate the mining power of the common card of PLANT. We need 16 basic elements to create the PLANT, so:

1,25*16 = 20

Hence the starting mining power of the common NFT of PLANT is 20.

Respectively for other rarities of the PLANT NFT:

Common — 20

Uncommon — 60

Rare — 120

Epic — 240

Legendary — 500

Mythic — 2000

3. NFTs of TOOLS. Mining rates for tools (Rigs and Miners) stay the same.

Common — 150

Uncommon — 250

Rare — 400

Epic — 800

Legendary — 5000

Mythic — 10000

4. NFTs of THIRTY-PARTY PROJECTS. Mining rates for the third-party projects NFTs also stay the same.

We believe those changes are a fair way to reward the researchers and to inspire them to move forward in their experiments. Especially given that brand-new materials are about to be added.

“R-PLANET”, a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun “

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