R-Planet guide to Uplift your land!

Now that the ability to “Uplift” your R-Planet land is live, we want to share some more details with you about The Uplift metaverse, and what you need to do to get started there.

For anyone who’s just learning about The Uplift.world, it’s a massive multiplayer metaverse, built on Minecraft, powered by blockchain. Owning a plot there allows the user to create their own piece of heaven and earn passive rewards for every visitor who travels there or passes by.

Here’s a few things that players can enjoy on The Uplift.world :

  • Walk around and earn Crypto currency (Wax & Upliftium)
  • Build a masterpiece
  • Trade with others on a Survival server
  • Browse all the amazing builds
  • Buy stuff from within the game (coming soon)
  • Earn NFT’s & Prizes from people giving them away

As of now, anyone who owns an R-Planet “Swineland” land NFT can choose to Uplift that NFT with 5M Aether, and get a land within Swinelend on the Uplift World.

Uplift Land is still in development, so not all functionality is available at this time. You’ll have a bit of time to develop your land before you’ll be able to start withdrawing your rewards. And here is some great news: Players who own a plot within the SwineLand Uplift.world metaverse will earn three types of rewards ; WAX, Aether, and upliftium!

After you Uplift your land, your R-planet NFT will represent ownership in both lands. Check the data on the NFT and you’ll see the coordinates of your Uplift land. You’ll need to register with a Minecraft account to get started there https://enter.theuplift.world

Uplift Rewards:

Here’s a few things to know about your Uplift.world land rewards: The reward function is still in development and scheduled to be live this summer (approximately July 2021).

- WAX rewards will be paid AUTOMATICALLY

- The other rewards can be claimed at enter.theuplift.world

In order to receive the rewards the player will need to register with a minecraft account, in the future, social logins will be able to be used to link accounts.

What are you waiting for?! Go and Uplift your land!

R-Planet: Evacuation — YouTube








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