R-Planet: Evacuation. How to play

Our chipped animals are aboard a spacecraft heading toward R-Planet. They have aether, the Generator of Materials, plenty of spare time and the great goal of preparing for their new life in a new homeland. .

Before the Game Starts

Aether is an essential matter of R-Planet. With it, you can buy the basic elements. The easiest way to get aether is to mine it, staking NFTs on the R-planet Staking System. Probably you have some NFTs you are not using at the moment. Stake them to get profit in aether (Check participating projects here. After you staking you will receive hourly rewards.

Stake NFTs ⟶ Get Aether

Generate new Materials!

Use aether to buy basic elements. The Generator of Materials has 4 slots, which can mix ingredients into new materials. The combination needed for creating each specific material is defined and constant. A recipe might contain more than one unit of a specific element/material.

Each try of blending in the Generator of Materials cost an amount WAX equal to 1/1 000 000 of the Prize Fund (but not less than 0.001 WAX). This money will go straight into the R-Planet Prize Fund.

Rewards and Losses

Not every blending will create a new element. If the player guesses wrong, the ingredients are destroyed.

If the player creates a new material, he receives the material, as well as an NFT-Card with a picture of the new element on it (limited supply for the first 600 players).

The very first player who opened a new material will become an Inventor of this material and get an Inventor Prize, which consists of:

  • 0.002% of the R-Planet Prize Fund;
  • the pack with NFT of the invented material, mint #1;
  • the name of the Inventor will be immortalized in history and will be marked in all the next packs with this material.

R-Planet NFTs

All material NFT cards material can be staked in the R-Planet staking system. Their mining power will be significant.

NFTs of each material will be presented in six different rarities, and each rarity may have several styles.

Obviously, the earlier discoverers of new recipes who win R-Planet NFTs, will have an advantage going forward. So be precise, be fast, mix again and again, and who knows? Maybe you will be rewarded with wealth and glory. Good luck!

The Evacuation will be launched on February 16 at 4 pm UTC






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