R-Planet Early Days: Race of Researchers and Upcoming Events

R-Planet researchers take a trial and error path trying to guess the right recipe. The farther they get, the harder inventing materials becomes. Researchers are banding together, trying to guess recipes with fewer losses.

A lot of materials have been unlocked so far, some of them by more than 600 different players, which means that all of the packs with NFTs of those materials are already distributed. The bigger the Fund of Rewards becomes, the bigger the reward grows for discovering new materials.

In this post, we are going to analyze the achievements of researchers a few days after the launch and will apprise some exciting info about the upcoming unpacking event and a bit of news from the spacecraft, heading toward R-Planet.

Let’s look at what is going on in our “All elements” inventory! So at 2 pm UTC on February 18:

Recipes of 21 materials have already been discovered. (Recipes)

All Packs with NFTs of Sea, Mud, Air, Lava, Fire, Rain, Dust, Stone, Steam, Press, Energy already have been distributed.

Unknown recipes of 38 materials still are to discover.

R-Planet Unpacking

So, the unpacking is scheduled for February 25, and here is what you need to know about it.

Atomic Asset NFT Cards of Materials. First of all, after unpacking you’ll get an Atomic Asset NFT card. This makes R-Planet material cards compatible with the biggest market of NFTs, which will open wider opportunities for traders.

Only 600 Unique NFTs per Material. We want to highlight that only a limited supply of 600 NFTs for each material is available. You won’t be able to get Cards of the early materials after those 600 will be distributed.

Mint #1 Cards. All of you probably would like to know who can expect the #1 mint NFT in their pack.

An NFT of the material will get its MINT during the unpacking. So the first person, who will open the pack with certain material will get its MINT #1. And here is the greatest thing ever. NFTs of each material will be presented in six different rarities, and each rarity may have 6 different styles. That is 36 different kinds of cards overall. Cards of each kind will have their own card MINT#1. That means 36 cards with probable mint #1 per 600 cards for each material.

Please, keep in mind. #1 mint Pack doesn’t grant you the #1 mint NFT in it. It will go to one who will be the first to open the pack with the same material.

Mining aether with R-Planet NFTs. The mining power of the R-Planet Cards is much higher than all the others.

Meanwhile, the chipped animals are experiencing a lack of aether, the Captain Pig is working on devices, designed to improve mining of the aether. Very soon he’ll be able to present the results!

For now, try to collect as many packs with materials as you can. They are very limited and will have a significant mining weight.




“R-PLANET”, a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun “

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