R-Planet Conquest: Robots

R-Planet, our new home! We’ve been acclimating to our new life on this barren desert landscape filled with huge deposits of precious minerals. We’ve just started to feel safe here, but it seems that we are not the only ones who seek to acquire the R-Planet’s treasured bounties.

The chipped animals are seeing increasing numbers of alien craft appearing, and now it’s clear what these UFO’s are up to. They arrive with very powerful mining rigs designed to plunder the R-Planet soil and fly away with their ships full of R-Planet minerals. Day after day they come closer to the border of Swineland, the land occupied by the chipped animals.

That is why our dear settlers are waiting for the speech of 🐔Commander Chick with great hope. Gossipers say that he is ready to present the mechanism which will allow the inhabitants of R-Planet the ability to create robots, the machines which will help the chipped animals to defend themselves.

Commander Chick won’t disappoint them.

Robots of the R-Planet

Any player who owns an R-Planet land, will be able to create a robot unit using a combination of three R-Planet minerals: Waxon, Caponium, or Enefterium. Robots will consume the fourth mineral, Wecanite, in order to stay alive.

Before starting playing the Conquest game within a certain R-Planet Land, the user should choose the race of robots he will play with. There are three races so far:

  • herbivorous
  • predators
  • waxivorous

After the player chooses the race, he will be able to create only robots of this race. Each race is formed with eight kinds of robots. Each of those requires different R-Planet minerals in different propositions. This combination is unique for each kind of robot. The process of robot manufacturing takes time.

Characteristics of every kind of robot meet its military tasks. There could be

  • infantry;
  • cavalry;
  • scouts;
  • artillery;
  • siege weapons.

Each robot unit has its own characteristics, such as:

  • type of an army it belongs;
  • speed of attack;
  • protection against infantry;
  • protection against cavalry;
  • WECANITE consumption.

An important detail about the creation of Robots that is imperative to note. When a player creates any type of Robot they are not minting a token, meaning the Robots are neither NFTs or FTs. They cannot be bought or sold on the market, nor can they be transferred between accounts. All robots will belong only to the account that created them. This is by design, and a critical factor to prevent using multi accounts in order to seize more land. This will be better understood when the details of the conquest portion of the game are published.

There are many more details about the upcoming gameplay that have yet to be revealed, such as the new types of NFTs the bravest fighters and defenders will be able to earn.

Next time we will tell you more about the abilities of the Robots, as well as get into some of the mechanics of the gameplay for the R-Planet Conquest game.

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