R-Planet Conquest: Open Alpha, a Glimpse into the Future!

During these last days of Closed Alpha, we welcome all of you for a look into the future! We are going to talk about the R-Planet Conquest: Open Alpha, the server that will be available for all who would like to join the game! Even if they have no previous experience in the blockchain and no desire to dive into it. That means you can ask ALL your friends, near and far, to join you and build a strong, reliable Alliance together (as soon as the functions of Alliances are released). We would like to highlight that to equalize the efforts of all players, we’ve implemented certain limitations for Open Alpha. Such as a daily limit on Robot unpackings, a limit of bases per user, and a maximum number of members in an Alliance. In addition to this, today we’ll discuss the general conditions of the Open Game Server and the specific features we plan to add from the start as well as along the way.

Environment and General Conditions

Registration on the Open Alpha will last until all 3000 of the first type of plots are taken. These are plots with a standard set of mineral deposits; 2 Caponium, 2 Enefterium, 2 Waxon, and 3 Wecanite. In other words, First come, First served. So be quick!

The open Alpha Server will be held on a map 100X100.

The maximum number of players is 3000.

The type of server is Arena.

The fight will last until 100 survivors are rewarded with unique Open Alpha Hero NFTs.

What’s New?

The daily limit of robot NFT unpacking

The number of robot NFTs the user can unpack daily will depend on the level of their Nexus. To be able to unpack more universal robots daily, the user should upgrade the Nexus of the base.

  • With Nexus lev1, the player will be able to activate one NFT with 50 robots per day.
  • Nexus lev5 — one NFT with 50 or 100 robots per day.
  • Nexus lev10 — one NFT with 50, 100, or 250 robots per day.
  • Nexus lev15 — one NFT with 50, 100, 250, or 500 robots per day.
  • Nexus lev20 — two NFTs with any number of robots.

Enabling new NFTs

The main task of new NFTs is to make the life of the player easier. As we noted before, you can play the R-Planet MMO with no NFTs at all. Yet some assets might make your life a little more painless. Making decisions on which assets to add, we kept in mind the advice of the Brave Testers.

  • Additional foundation. This asset is for one-time use. By activating this NFT, the player can add this basement to any base he owns and construct one more building there.
  • Instant finish of building/upgrading. This asset is for one-time use. After the activation of the asset, the player can instantly finish the current construction or upgrading process of one building at once.
  • Instant delivery of resources. This asset is for one-time use. After activation, the chosen resource will be delivered to the Supply Depot of the base, where it has been activated.
  • 24-hour protection. This asset is for one-time use. After activation, the player’s base is under protection for 24 hours. Nobody can attack it and it can’t attack as well.

Limit of new bases per player

The maximum number of bases per player is now 10. In case the player reaches the limit, he will not be able to capture or establish more bases.

Expanded stats

In the Open Alpha, the player will be able to look through the extended stats about the server. For example, there will be a few leaderboards available. There will be the current leaderboard of players shown by the number of droids currently available, as well as one of Best Defenders and the Top Destroyers.

The stats about the server should be much more detailed. The player will be able to get info about the activity of players and the correlation between representatives of different factions and troops.

Internal messenger

Players will be able to communicate with each other through the internal messenger, with no need to engage third-party messengers.

The Hero

The Hero and Alliances are two huge functional pieces of the R-Planet: Conquest, which won’t be available as a whole by the start of this next server. They are going to be added, feature by feature, during the Open Alpha server.

The hero is an asset that can be entered into the game. The player can use the hero as a unit in defensive and attacking missions. To improve the characteristics of the hero (strengths which include attack and defense, speed and pace of life restoring), the player should equip him with different items found by the hero during adventures. The hero can be killed. His revival requires time and resources.

Attached to a base, the hero increases different characteristics of the base or troops, such as mining efficiency, army defense, army attack, and army speed. The player can boost these characteristics and distribute experience points earned by the hero for reaching every next level of progress.

The hero can also tame the elusive Masics.

The Alliances

An alliance is a group of players who work together to deal with all the challenges and tasks of the game, as well as offer support to each other throughout the duration of the game. Every player will be able to create an Alliance or join an existing one (provided the owners of the Alliance will let them in). Every Alliance has its name, owner, assistants of the owner, players, and own chat. Every member of an alliance has their own duties and rights.

On the map, all alliance members are able to see if any of the other members’ bases are being attacked. They will be able to send reinforcements if needed. The player will also see which bases on the map belong to their Alliance, to union alliances, or to hostile alliances. By inviting a player to the Alliance, the owner or assistant can propose relocation to an area near the bases of other alliance members.

The R-Planet: Conquest Open Alpha is to be launched in January 2023. Meanwhile, do not forget that R-Planet: Playground is open. A cool place where you can train your friends and hang out with the Crew until an Open Alpha is launched.



R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims

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R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims