R-Planet: Conquest

The Crew is divided

The time has come for every citizen of R-Planet to decide how they would like to proceed. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

It turned out that further back in their Big Space Journey, Captain Pig had intercepted a message from a far off planet, Hollow, about ruthless space pirates, the Ahnangs. These dangerous aliens choose the most prosperous planets in all the galaxy and extract all the natural resources for their own greed. The Ahnangs constantly fly ahead looking for another fruitful yet defenseless planet to plunder, leaving a gutted planet behind to waste away into oblivion. Captain Pig knew about the reconnaissance ships that were spotted near our R-Planet. That is why he was so obsessed with the idea that everyone should prepare as much of the minerals as possible, for the crafting of robots.

Now, after the Big bang, we check the laboratory, only to find that Captain Pig has disappeared. It would appear he has left behind three robots, constructed from the trash, and blueprints to create a superweapon.

An unimaginable amount of resources are necessary for constructing the weapon, yet located in the right place it could destroy the main mothership of Ahnangs and stop them dead in their tracks.

The Conquest Game



Each base will have ample minerals in its soil ready to be mined. On its surface is where the player can construct robots, make them stronger, increase the efficiency of the minerals mining, rule their army, and effectively collaborate with other players.

What the game is about

Events, such as relocations of your troops, battles you are involved in, rises of new bases will happen on the map of the game world. There are displayed bases of all the players, as well as locations where players can construct the superweapon.

The game comes to an end either when the superweapon is ready or when the time allocated for the game is finished. If the game has a winning alliance, all its members will be awarded prizes: valuable and unique NFTs. Prizes will be distributed among the winners proportionally to the number of points collected by each of them during the game.

It’s better for the player to join an alliance as soon as possible. After that, they’ll be able to ask for reinforcements from other members of the alliance or send their robots to support the others.

Game events

Troops can attack (this type of battle proceeds till the last fighting unit), commit a robbery (attack with the purpose of stealing resources from other players while avoiding losses), scout (learn how much resources, troops, and defensive buildings are on other bases), become reinforcements (join someone else’s troops for the battle).

Combat units of all the fractions can be divided into two types: Rapid Forces and Slow Forces. Also, each robot has its unique characteristics, which make it better for the execution of some specific type of combat mission.

The following characteristics are:

  • type of faction it belongs to;
  • attack;
  • protection against infantry;
  • protection against cavalry;
  • speed
  • the volume of a backpack
  • WECANITE consumption.

All combat units, as well as droids of the base, consume Wecanite. The bigger the base is the more drones inhabit it and more Wecanite is required to sustain it.

The hero

The hero’s avatar can be equipped with different types of accessories that increase one or another feature of the hero (or the base to which he is attached). The hero can not be destroyed. Yet if the avatar is killed, the base loses the powers he has given it. Bringing the avatar back to life requires some time.

Besides boosting the base and troops only heroes can tame R-planet native animals and activate artifacts.

New NFTs Within Conquest

After the launch of the first R-Planet Conquest world, a lot of new types of NFTs will appear, besides the ones which you are already familiar with (like lands, materials, rigs, etc.)


  • Hero
  • the Hero’s artillery (accessory for the left hand, accessory for the head, vehicle, amulet, etc);
  • NFTs of superpowers for one-time activation (healing of the hero, instant finishing of the building, instant reinforcements with robots, defense from the attacks for some period, etc);
  • artifacts (these can mega increase some features of the base).

Pre-game Crafting of Robots

So, first, about the R-Planet minerals: Wecanite, Caponium, Waxon, Enefterium. You’ll be able to use them in crafting two types of robots, from the three constructed by Captain Pig (the third one type you’ll be able to purchase for aether later)

In the dangerous world where UFOs full of aggressive Ahnangs fly across the sky, former friends might turn out to be enemies, it’s better to start with a certain number of fighting robots. They will be able to defend the base while you set up the production of more powerful robots on your base.

Crafting of robots will be launched on October 19

Please pay attention, you will be able to inject previously mined minerals in the first Conquest world, only by crafting robots with them.

After the launch of the first game server, the player will be able to set up mining of materials on his base by constructing the required buildings. After the Conquest game launch, those minerals will become in-game resources. The player won’t be able to take them out of the game, he’ll be able to use them in the creation and deployment of new bases and construction of the superweapon.

Land NFT’s in the R-Planet Conquest

The player can detach the land NFT from the base any time they want to trade, pass it to an alliance member or sell it on the market. Nobody can take your land NFT from you. It doesn’t matter if you are playing or not.

Future events

October 19 — launch of crafting robots.

October 26 — presentation of the supersecret (the R-Planet DAO).

Sometime soon — sale of specific kinds of robots and other in-game assets for Aether.

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“R-PLANET”, game and a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun.