R-Planet: Conquest

The Crew is divided

Left without their Commander and facing the threat of attack by aggressive aliens, the animals had a big quarrel and split into three factions. Some, we’ll call them “Warriors”, want to attack immediately and fight the enemies in an open battle. The “Masterminds” would prefer to go underground to hide and invent more powerful weapons and only then to deal with invaders. And our “Renegades” believe that they should be cunning and manipulative, and use this situation in order not only to defeat the aliens but to become rulers of the galaxy.

The Conquest Game


Before the start of the game, the player must choose, which of the three factions they would like to belong to. Either the Warriors, Masterminds, or Renegades. Factions will differ by their appearance and functions of robots that the player will be able to create during the game. There are 10 robots per faction. During the game, players can only craft robots from their chosen faction. You will not be able to change your faction during the game.


In the beginning, the player is sent to a small base within some unknown land where the wild winds of the R-planet are rampant. The location of the base is random, yet the player can choose one of four land parts, where they would prefer to start.

What the game is about

The goal of the game: to be among the players who have built the superweapon and take down the Ahnangs’ Mothership. To reach this goal the player should develop their bases strategically and conduct hostilities in the most effective way by cooperating with other players.

Game events

Among the basic gaming events are the development of bases and combat with members of other alliances.

  • attack;
  • protection against infantry;
  • protection against cavalry;
  • speed
  • the volume of a backpack
  • WECANITE consumption.

The hero

Every player can own a hero. The Hero is a battle mentor, an avatar which is always present on the base (while he is attached to it). The hero increases different characteristics of the base and its troops.

  • the Hero’s artillery (accessory for the left hand, accessory for the head, vehicle, amulet, etc);
  • NFTs of superpowers for one-time activation (healing of the hero, instant finishing of the building, instant reinforcements with robots, defense from the attacks for some period, etc);
  • artifacts (these can mega increase some features of the base).

Pre-game Crafting of Robots

We suppose most of you care about how you’ll be able to use the minerals you have mined before the R-Planet Conquest, and how Land NFTs will be used after the launch.

Land NFT’s in the R-Planet Conquest

For now land NFTs mine minerals, which players will be able to use to craft robots. After the launch of R-Planet Conquest, the land NFTs will provide some key advantages for sure. An attached Land NFT to the base, will increase the mining of that mineral within the base for a certain coefficient, depending on the rarity and level of the land. The maximum percentage on which the land NFT is able to increase mining is 200%!

Future events

October 14 — the R-Planet Conquest White Paper publication.

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“R-PLANET”, game and a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun.