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Hey, dear crew.

There is a lot of exciting news still ahead of us. However, we’d like to begin by answering your frequently asked questions.

Let’s go.

Q: Will Aether from rds.rplanet be burned? What’s the total amount being burned?

A: Yes. All Aether there will be burned. At the moment it’s around 262 B.

Q: When Aether stops mining what happens with rigs?

A: The player will have the opportunity to сhange rigs for Aether. The sum will be announced additionally.

Q: Will users be able to swap their in-game minerals and NFTs for Aether and export that way?

A: It will be possible to export the unburnable NFTs. Users will not be able to swap their in-game minerals and NFTs for Aether and export.

Q: When Aether stops mining what happens with the other collection staked NFTS ?

A: The collections will stop mining Aether too.

Q: Use cases for Aether after game launches?

A: We have developed a large number of new assets such as heroes, equipment for heroes, a large number of disposable assets, artifacts, and many others. All those things players will be able to buy exclusively with Aether.

Later it will be possible to buy premium accounts (with additional game features) in the game for Aether or WAX.

Q: Will the Resources outside the Game be integrateable into the game or only by buying Robots?

A: Yes. You’ll be able to buy robots (probably other kinds of NFTs). So far, that’s the only way to inject resources/minerals into the game.

Q: When I attach a Land to a Base, can I detach it whenever I want, say to switch it to another Base or to sell it?

A: Yes, it will be possible.

Q: Are lands burned when introduced in-game?

A: No, they are not. They are still and always will be, your assets.

Q: Will there be any metafarming once the auction ends?

A: Metafarming in the pools of adding liquidity to the pairs RDAO/WAX, Aether/WAX will last approximately 200 days, during which the 500 000 RDAO allocated for that will be distributed.

Q: After the Auctions for RDAO — what will be the Usecase for our DAO Tokens?

A: Even now you can stake your RDAO on the metafarming page, and get a reward in WAX. Later, 75% of R-Planet income will go to the RDAO Reward Fund and be distributed among holders through metafarming service.

In the future, RDAO holders will be able to influence the decisions regarding project development.

Q: What happens with APH when bidding ends?

A: As we said before, APH is a token for temporary usage during RDAO auctions. So use it up before the end of the auction.

Q: What are the Rewards for playing the Conquest Game?

A: Victory is the most desired prize for most gamers. Yet the members of the winning alliance will divide a precious prize, which consists of NFTs of some rare and usable in-game assets.

The top gamers will be rewarded weekly.

Q: On what device will the Alpha be playable? Mobile or Browser first?

A: It will be playable firstly on mobile.

Q: Will we continue to earn WAX from the staked RDAO after the initial 200 days of metafarming?

A: WAX as a reward for RDAO staking at the Metafarming Tab is distributed from the RDAO Reward Fund. The RDAO Reward Fund is fulfiling from the R-Planet income, for example sales of NFT game assets for Aether. So after, the Fund will be refilled with the next portion of Aether collected from income. It will then start distributing Aether among RDAO stakers.

Q: How many servers will the game have? When will the next server be released?

A: One server will be for the alpha version, after that there is no limit in the future.

Q: Could you at some point during this year talk about the land partnership with the uplift, because our lands do not have the same value as individual lands, and we spend a lot to upgrade them. Also any other info on boosted lands?

A: By uplifting your land you get an access to Uplift game and a chance to play it within your community from the R-Planet.

Q: Will future Atomic Hub sales be part of RDAO income?

A: Yes, it will.

Q: What currency will the in game marketplace use?

A: There will be mineral exchange only.

Q: Will there be in-game chat?

A: User will be able to add his TG or discord link to his profile in the alpha version. There will be chat in the next version of the game.

Q: Once aether is mined what will happen to the elements that are not invented?

A: Alchemy will stay active. The general supply of Aether is 1,5 trillion. You can still use a bit of that to invent new elements.

You’ll be able to use the FT of the invented element to upgrade your land, and exchange NFT for Aether.




R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims