Next Batch of Mining Rigs on the Way

The spacecraft with the chipped animals onboard are heading toward their new home R-Planet at the crazy speed of 100 km per sec.! The second phase of the mission, the ‘Colonisation’ is quickly approaching!

The spaceship passengers work tirelessly, day and night to get prepared for life on the alien land. A lot of the materials, which are necessary for colonization, are still being explored. Discovery of new elements has been accelerated with the new mining rigs, yet still not fast enough.

Because a huge amount of work still needs to be done, our 🐷Captain Pig has produced a new batch of mining rigs, which hopefully will increase Aether mining and enable the inventing of all the materials that are necessary for the building of the R-Planet colony before the landing.

Meanwhile, at the last meeting of researchers, Dr. Rabbit declared that they found a lot of new materials available to be discovered, of which the recipes must be identified before the spacecraft reaches R-Planet. He promised he’ll name them soon after the new mining tools are released.

The Second Sale of Mining Tools

of mining rigs is scheduled for This time Captain Pig created an additional 15 brand new batch of mining tools additionally to supplement the fine aether rigs which are already in use.

The rigs will have the same mining power as the mining tools from the previous supply. The mining rate will depend on the rarity of the mining tool.

The mining rig NFTs will be distributed during two 1-hour sales. We will follow the same format as the last mining tool sale, where the unpacking event will take place one hour after the second sale is launched.

🔥 contains cards of mining tools.

Probability of cards by different rarities in percentages:

Combined mining power+ Aether/Hour guaranteed

Price — 30$ (in )

3000 Mini Packs will be available.

🔥 cards of mining tools.

Probability of cards by different rarities in percentages:

Combined mining power+Aether/Hour guaranteed

Price — 120$ (in )

750 Mega Packs will be available.

Captain Pig hopes that those miners will be a great help to the inventors and give them the Aether they need to continue the discovery of new elements, which are necessary to develop the colony on their new home.

Players will use the materials, сreated during the Evacuation, to improve mining of native R-Planet basic elements. Thanks to the unique characteristics, those elements might be used in the production of fighting robots, able to defend the new home of our travelers from hostile aliens.

The next phase of R-Planet is coming! Get ready for Colonization!

“R-PLANET”, a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun “

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