More Proto Robots are Coming!

The Conquest game quickly approaches! It’s time to get more, much more universal robots. We have fantastic news for you! Today we would like to announce the long-awaited event: the Sale of universal Robots for Aether!

Each of the three robots (Chad, Quasimodo, and Bobert) have different characteristics and will be useful for specific combat missions. Done the same way as during the previous Craft of Robots, you’ll be able to buy the 3 different types of robots in the form of two kinds of robot unit NFTs (small 100 & big 500).

These NFTs exist outside the game just like any other NFT, but once they are activated into the game as reinforcements, they are in-game assets only, and cannot be taken back out of the game. They are one-time use assets.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24. We will inform you about the technical details of the Sale additionally.

And the best for last! Good news for those, who have been collecting native R-Planet minerals. Soon we are going to announce the next Crafting of universal Robots for Minerals as well!



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