Make Alchemy Great Again!

ey crew! There are some big changes on the way! Today R-Planet presents a new model of element NFT distribution along with an increase in the amount of WAX for the inventor prizes and a long-awaited reduction of crafting fees. These new much-needed upgrades have been developed to keep our growing community engaged and to help bridge the current alchemy phase to the much-anticipated conquest game.

🐷We’ve reached a point in the alchemy phase of the game where the elements have become more sophisticated and the inventions are few and far between. New discoveries happen only once every few days, and even then, most players miss out on the chance to craft an NFT even if they are well prepared with pre-crafted materials. With a player base that has grown significantly and one that is truly worldwide, most players never even have a chance at crafting the element while the 600 NFT’s are still available. And as a result, many have simply stopped trying. A change is needed, one that will give players all around the globe an equal chance to get an NFT.

We’ve decided to introduce a new gamified model for the distribution of NFTs for the newly discovered materials. Today we will tell you more about it: how everything will work, what benefits the new system brings, and what will be next.

We would like to highlight that this is a strategic decision. These changes will ensure the future development of the game and a more even distribution of the NFTs among all the players, no matter where on earth they live.

The new model of NFT distribution will be implemented in one week, on Tuesday, September 14th.

We are launching this new model along with some major changes to incentivize crafting, including a 5x reduction of the WAX crafting fees and a 2x WAX increase of the Inventor Prize. We do our best to keep the costs in line with the original vision working around market volatility to minimize the expenses of our players as much as possible. We hope after this update, crafting will return to the enjoyable experience we all wish it to be.

How Everything Will Work

So, how will the new model work? The essence is that instead of giving the 600 NFT’s to the first crafters, after the update, those 600 NFTs will be drawn among all players, who have crafted the material up to 24 hours after the invention.

After the update, each player will have 24 hours to craft the element. For every element crafted during the 24 hour period, the player will get the FT, as well as a ticket ensuring theirs participation in the automatic draw of 600 NFT among all the participants. The draw will take place 24 hours after the invention.

If there are less than 600 participants in the drawing 24 hours after the invention, the time will be extended until all the necessary number of tickets will be distributed. In this case, the draw will happen right after the 600th crafter gets theirs ticket.

The Inventor will get:

  • prize in WAX, which will be 2x times bigger, after the update;
  • The Inventor Prize;
  • FT of the material;
  • ticket for NFT draw.

Every player who will craft during the 24 hour period after the material is invented, (or until 600 tickets have been issued) will receive:

  • FT of the material;
  • ticket for NFT draw.

The number of tickets for one player is not limited. You can increase your chance to get NFT packs by crafting more FTs of the material and getting more tickets.

The UI

Let’s take a look at the new UI. It won’t change much, and most of the changes will be seen in the “All Recipes” Tab and the “my elements” Tab. We’ll try to make new IU components as clear as possible.

The green number near the “All Recipes” Tab’s title demonstrates how many materials have been invented less than 24 hours ago;

  • counter of newly discovered items — number of elements recently discovered which can still be crafted to receive a ticket;
  • timer — shows how much time is left until the draw;
  • counter of tickets — shows the number of tickets issued to reach the minimum of 600;
  • reminder — to check the results of the draw for all your tickets.

With a click on the chosen material, you enter the material tab, where you will be able to see how many tickets you have got and check the results of the draw.

The new model of NFT distribution will be implemented on September 14. So no more sleepless nights spent waiting for new inventions. Choose whenever is most convenient for you to craft on your own time!

“R-PLANET”, game and a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun.