Land in BoarVallis, the R-Planet Region, Goes on Sale on April 29

3 min readApr 24, 2021

More than 90% of the land within the Swineland region has been unpacked so far. Owners of the first plots of R-planet land are successfully mining their native R-Planet minerals.

The demand for land in the Swineland region during the initial sale was massive, and as a result, many of our loyal players were not able to secure a plot for themselves. So for the next R-Planet land sale on April 29th, the 5000 plots in the newfound BoarVallis region will be made available exclusively to all of our most active players! The BoarVallis region is the second of the three regions of the R-planet that have been discovered so far.

In an effort to reward all of our active players, the privilege to participate in this Sale will be given to players who have been playing the game, crafting, and inventing materials. To make the distribution of land as fair as possible, the team decided to make the pack limitations even more strict than before.

Further, we are going to talk about how the sale will be held this time.

Only the most hardworking will be able to take part!

Keeping the previous sale in mind, the team decided that whitelisting accounts is the most effective way to reach fair and even distribution of land among the players. Since the R-planet land is extremely limited supply and highly sought after, we will again be using a whitelist for the upcoming sale to eliminate bots and reward active players.

Hence this time, the preference on participation in the Sale will be given to players who have made a decisive contribution into preparation for the R-Planet colonization. Three thousand of our most active players will be able to buy a mini pack, one per person. And only 1000 of the most active players will have a chance to buy a Dual Pack.

The rating of players has been determined by taking a snapshot from the blockchain right before this article was published. So, congratulations to all the active players who have made the whitelist. You deserve it.

Here is the list of 🔥 3000 players who have made the most significant contribution to inventing and crafting of R-Planet materials.

The Sale

5000 plots packed into 3000 Mini Packs and 1000 Dual Packs are waiting for their owners.

The Sale will be held in two stages.

🎴 The Sale of the Mini Packs

Starts at 16:00 UTC

Each pack consists of 1 land

Amount — 3000

Only one pack per person.

Сooldown between purchases — 30 min

Price — $100 in WAX

🎴 The Sale of the Dual Packs

Starts at 17:00 UTC

Each pack consists of 2 lands

Amount 1000

Only one pack per person.

Сooldown between purchases — 30 min

Price — $200 in WAX

Unpacking will be launched one hour after the second sale, at 18:00 UTC.

Remember, the land starts mining as soon as it is opened and no action needs to be taken. Learn more about the R-Planet land from our previous articles.

In the meantime, over the past few days the demand for rigs has skyrocketed! Our 🐽Captain Pig is working tirelessly constructing new ✨mining tools in an effort to try to deal with it. Soon!







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