Inventors are perplexed! A secret meeting is called

bserving the troubles inventors have had with the discovering of recipes for new elements, Dr. Rabbit called the main crew of the chipped animals to a secret meeting.

‘‘What should we do to solve the crisis?’’ — he asked.

The voices split between two opposite positions. The first group headed by Lt. Racoon said that everything needs to be left just like it is. The way of the inventor is not an easy one, and the Inventor’s prize is enough incentive to endure this endeavor.

Yet the other group led by Dr. Rabbit insisted that something must be done to help the settlers move forward.

Additionally, Colonel Chick announced that a drone from an unknown origin was noticed not far from the extreme border of Boarvallis, sparking fears that an attack may be imminent

‘‘We need to give a helping hand to the inventors, as we are not yet prepared to survive an attack from a robot army!” — he said.

After the talk began to break the limits of civilized discussion and became a heated quarrel, Captain Pig had to intervene. Finally, there was silence.

‘‘We should find a compromise” — Captain Pig said.

And only then they started looking for a real solution which everyone could agree on.

We have no authority or time to walk you through the entirety of the discussions, which by the way lasted for 47 sleepless hours.

We would just like to announce that a decision has been made and share with you the solutions that have been agreed upon.

The summary of the Secret Meeting

From now on the crew will share hints meant to help the inventors to find the recipe of a new element on a regular basis to keep the alchemy portion of the game progressing. We have decided on two different types of hints that may be given for any particular element.

First it is important to remind all of you that the recipe’s of all remaining elements consist of materials which are shown before it on the general list of the elements.

The chipped animals have agreed that if they can determine the amount of Aether needed to invent a new element, they could share that info with the settlers to help them along. The crew has decided to divide new elements into groups taking into account the amount of Aether needed to create the element. There will be several price categories:

-cheap elements (40,000–500,000 Aether)

-budget elements (between 510,000 and 2M Aether)

-moderate price elements ( between 2,010,000 and 5M Aether)

-premium elements ( between 5,010,000 and 10M Aether).

-high-priced elements (between 10,010,000 and 20M Aether)

-precious elements (more than 20,010,000 Aether)

So the first type of hint will be to give the price category.

For example, SEED requires 1,210,000 Aether to create, so it would fall in the “Budget-price” category.

The other type of hint will say if the correct recipe of an item contains repeated elements.

For example, to create the SEED we need to mix 2x LIFE + 1x RAIN + 1x SUN

So for the example of SEED, the crew could share

the 1st type of hint which is the price category:

SEED = “budget -price” element

or the 2nd type of hint which is the formula:

SEED = 2*(a) +1*(b) +1*(d)

All hints will be shared only through official R-Planet channels. Be sure to follow the R-Planet twitter: @RPLANETio and R-Planet Telegram to get the news hit the notification 🔔bell to.

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