Insights from Our Moderators. Part 5. Terry

3 min readAug 23, 2023


Introducing Terry, our Head Moderator and Communication Manager. His magnetic charisma serves as a guiding light, illuminating every corner of R-Planet social activities. Yet, Terry’s talents transcend the conventional. Step into the realms of TikTok and YouTube, and you’ll discover him as a maestro of short videos, captivating hearts and minds alike.

Tell us briefly about yourself.

Hey gang, it’s your boy Terry Cruise. I live in Ontario Canada where we get 2 months of summer every year, yay! JK, but winters can be very long here North of the Wall. I love nature and being outdoors with my dogs and my gardens.

I’ve been involved in the R-Planet metaverse since the very beginning. I remember staking my GPK and BH cards for Æ when they were the only 2 collections available. Shortly after, I noticed the need to strengthen community management, so I reached out to the team to offer my help. One Zoom call and a short time later, I was hired. Today my responsibilities with the company have grown to include creative consulting, social media personality and I still happily hold those early roles as well.

What do you like about the R-Planet game?

What I love about R-Planet is how far we’ve come. We’ve been through alot, had to stay liquid and pivot when needed, and continued to stick around, build and grow when so many have come and gone. The game itself can bring on a full range of emotions, which is hard to do. The fact that we are available in the app stores is also a huge plus. But what I think I like the most about R-Planet is the endless possibilities that still await us all.

How much time do you spend playing the game per day when the server is up?

Definitely not as much as I should. 😁 I have many roles to play with the team, in crypto and irl and sometimes I have to sacrifice gaming time for those responsibilities. But I still manage to put in time daily and am an active member of any alliance.

Did you use NFTs during the game?

Definitely! The 5000 count mineral injections are clutch at the very start to help with building up your base. I always make sure to have a few leveled up lands attached as well. The bonus they bring shouldn’t be ignored. I’ve also been known to start stacking some Universal Robots up as soon as possible to bolster my defenses.

Share some tips and life hacks for beginners in the game.

I guess I was a bit early and left some tips there in my answer to the previous question. But also make sure to be active in socials so you don’t miss any announcements. This is also a great way to find others to team up with and form alliances. This is a very crucial part of the game atm.

Be sure to have a few starter boxes on hand. If you have to step away for a day or 2 because irl, a protection dome can be your best friend.

As others have said, make sure to build up those mines first. This is a must early in the game so that you have enough resources to develop new buildings and build and sustain your robot army.

Also, level up your land NFTs! With the new metafarming happening you can acquire Æ quite easily and cheaply. Attaching leveled up lands to your bases speeds up production immensely.

What are your other favorite games?

I have a few mobile games that I play daily, one (MPQ) for the past 10 years. Too far in to quit now lol. I play alot of poker and actually was semi-pro years ago. But currently, my favorite game is this game of life. It’s got lots of hidden twists, rewards and excitement.

If you want to add something…

In short, I am so grateful to serve our fantastic community, to have made the friends I have and to be a part of the Wecan Family! I am also very excited for the future of R-Planet, and you should be too! Trust me!😉




R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims