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3 min readAug 1, 2023


Part 2. Eric

We no have an exclusive interview with Eric, a passionate and knowledgeable moderator from the heart of Germany. With a deep-rooted love for blockchain gaming and a journey that began in February 2021, Eric’s experiences and insights provide a captivating glimpse into the metaverse’s inner workings.

Discover his favorite aspects of the game, the strategic role of NFTs, and valuable tips for beginners seeking to conquer the realms of R-Planet.

Tell us briefly about yourself

Hey, I’m Eric, I’m 35 years old and I live in the middle of Germany. My journey on WAX started like Kim’s in February 2021, where I also joined several communities around WAX projects. One of my first communities, and it is also the community where I met Kim, was the PromoPlanet community. Here Absolute and Luffy created a beginner friendly community around R-Planet and the Alchemy Game. An area where new and also old players met, exchanged and developed new elements. Some recipes went fast, some took time, but the community was always very helpful. Later the official R-Planet Discord was created and here I can help players of the R-Planet Conquest App directly.

What do you like about the R-Planet game?

What I like most is the traditional base-building concept. You create something, mine your minerals, and fight against other players together with your alliance. Basically like the classic StarCraft, a real-time strategy game I played for years. What I especially like is the NFT integration in R-Planet. Not only Robot Packs can help for a small advantage based on your base size, but also Land NFTs that have been sitting in my account forever can be very valuable on my bases.

How much time do you spend playing the game per day when the server is up?

For sure, I spend more time than I actually can on a server that I like in terms of rewards and settings. The most important thing is to build your base early so that it fits into your time management. So if I build my buildings and robots in the morning and in the evening, the resources that are accumulated in the meantime should exactly run out so that I find the same rhythm the next day.

Did you use NFTs during the game?

To build and research effectively at the start, small resource packs are not wrong. Surely everyone knows that high mine yields do not come very easily, these must be developed effectively and therefore I use resource packs (5000 units) to quickly and effectively expand my first base.

Share some tips and life hacks for beginners in the game.

Have a powerbank ready for your phone every now and then in case you’re on the road :). Don’t panic if some robots from other bases attack you at the beginning of your R-Planet journey. They just want to play and explore the area. It is helpful to build up your shield. Show your enemies that you are not an easy target that can be easily farmed out. Join an alliance and share your experience and questions directly in the alliance chat. The community is very helpful.

What are your other favorite games?

In the past I have tried many games, tested genres and finally I like to play CS:GO, tower-defense games and browser based games. MMORPGs like Conan Exiles and WoW Classic I have also played. In the web3 gaming area I play R-Planet Conquest, Splinterlands and a few others that are still in development.

If you want to add something…

If getting started in R-Planet seems a bit too complex and difficult, talk to the community. If you have a question about a building or a robot unit — use our Discord or Telegram and you will be quickly provided with help.




R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims