How to withdraw Aether using the new Claim Limit.

3 min readFeb 15, 2022


The Claim Limit is the amount of Aether that the player can transfer to their account during the withdrawal of mined Aether. The Claim Limit has a base value of 10,000, however, a player can increase it by paying Aether.

Please, pay attention! If the player’s Claim Limit is less than his Mined Balance, the player will lose the difference while claiming. The difference will be burned irrevocably! To avoid that the player can boost their Claim Limit.

So, if your mined balance is 12 000 Aether ♦️,

while the Claim Limit is on its base level 10 000 Aether ♦️

then, after claiming you’ll get 10 000 Aether ♦️,

2000 Aether will be burned🔥.

Boost your Claim Limit

The player can extend their Claim Limit by making an additional payment in Æ. The price for the boost is not fixed and depends on the amount on which you would like to increase your Claim Limit.

The bigger the Claim Limit you would like to get, the more Aether you would need to pay. Yet the bigger Claim Limit will last for a longer period until it returns back to its base level.

The following graph shows a dependence between the boost price and the amount of Æ of which the Claim Limit be increased.

🔴Important! At the moment, the max available level of the Claim Limit is 5 000 000 Aether. The Claim Limit will decrease by 1% per hour until it reaches its base level of 10,000.

The following graph shows the dynamic of the Claim Limit decreasing with the passage of time (for start Claim Limit 100 000 Aether).

You can calculate the volume of your Claim Limit in a few hours after the boost using the formula:

where CL is a Claim Limit you will have in a certain number of hours,

h is the number of hours;

y is an increased Claim Limit at the start point.

The player will benefit from collecting their Æ regularly before the amount of mined Æ gets bigger than their actual Claim Limit. It will be especially crucial in case the player has extended their Claim Limit with Aether.




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