How to Play Closed Alpha

4 min readSep 5, 2022


Part1. First Steps

Welcome to R-Planet closed alpha. If you are reading this, you probably bought at least one lottery ticket to participate in the passcode drawing. Every ticket increases your chance. As you remember, only 1000 players can enter the closed server and fight for one of 100 Hero NFTs. So today, we are going to discuss the gameplay and what might be your first steps in the game.

The closed alpha is a full-fledged R-Planet MMORTS game with all the key features implemented and functional. It is a server-type game. Each server has a start date and the end when the winners will be chosen. The first type of server is a battle arena. The goal is to survive. It will last until 100 survivors are left.

Function of alliances, heroes, artifacts, Аhnangs, and Masics are yet to be implemented and will be added in the future.

Your goal is simple, SURVIVE. Stay among 100 players who will manage to keep their base in their hands. To do it, you should develop your base and army, defend your base, and capture and destroy your enemies’ bases.

Today we will talk about the first few things you have to do at the start and about minerals/resources which allow you to build and sustain everything on your base.

Let’s start!

There are three things you should do at the very start:

  • Use the secret passcode you win as a result of the lottery to enter the game;
  • Choose the faction (they differ by characteristics of units);
  • Choose the region (the map is divided into four areas. If you are playing with friends, choosing the same region at the start is a good idea.


You’ll find yourself at your base; the only construction there will be Nexus, the building which allows you to build and upgrade other facilities.

Each base has 18 foundations where you can construct buildings. Also, there are nine foundations for mines located around the base. Choose a foundation and then the building you would like to make. Not all the facilities will be available from the start. Most of them depend on the existence and upgrades of other ones. We will talk more about the buildings, discover industries, and where they are involved.

All buildings are divided into three groups, namely:

  • resources — everything that helps to extract resources;
  • infrastructure — facilities that are necessary for development in the game and interaction with other players;
  • military industry — everything related to the creation of the army and its improvement.


Let’s look over the rest of the game UI.


Please, tap on the mineral to learn how much of it the base produces.

Base coordinates

Please tap on the coordinate of the base coordinates to change its name, to learn how many droids serve here, what the protection level of the base is and how great its recovery rate is.


Here you can set up a link for chatting on the outside messengers, look over your assets, and follow R-Planet on different social media.

  • Info

Visit the info to check your place on the leaderboard and get some info about the settings of the current server.

  • Base

Go right to your base.

  • Map

The map shows all the bases of other players; you can attack and loot them or send help. Also, you can look for a plot where you might establish a new base.

  • Activity

Contains a list of game events, which are in progress or completed, and their results.

  • Search

Here is the list of all players and their bases. Please choose the one you are interested in, and see information about it.

In the next segment, we’ll talk about the minerals and essential resources from which everything on the R-Planet is made, how you can improve the productivity of mining, where to store minerals safely, how to trade them and how to keep your robots alive.




R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims