How to play closed Alpha?

Part 3. Troops

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You develop your base, raise your robots, build a strong defense around your land, create a substantial supply of materials, and do everything to extend the network of your bases. It’s all to build the strongest possible army on your road to victory.

Today we will talk about Troops and how units of the fractions differ.

What buildings can you use to create and improve your army, and what types of actions can combat units perform?

Combat Units

Troops of every faction consist of units of seven kinds. You can choose which faction you want to play by analyzing the battle units’ characteristics, such as:

  • attack;
  • defense against robots;
  • defense against drones;
  • backpack capacity;
  • speed;
  • speed of creation;
  • price (amount of resources needed for the making of one unit);
  • Wecanite consumption.

There are seven types of units. Each faction has at least one of them. Every kind of battle unit has a specific use case and unique characteristics.

A robot is a combat unit that is slower compared to drones and can be used in different attacking and defensive operations, including capturing resources.

Drone — fast, usually more expensive, and powerful combat unit for use in attack and defensive operations, including capturing resources.

Spy — a drone that enables you to learn essential information about the enemy base.

Ram — a siege weapon unit, the only one which can break the shield of the base.

Artillery — a type of siege weapon, the only one which can break buildings.

Hacker — a unit, which can be used for capturing someone’s base.

Settler — a unit, which can be used for settling someone’s base.


Let’s jump to the buildings. There are buildings you will need to be able to create units, ones you use to improve them and the ones you need to manage the robots.

There are several buildings where you can create buttle units, such as

Robot Factory — here you can make robots.

Air-Tech Factory — here you make drones.

Siege Factory — here you can make rams and artillery units.

Expansion Hub — here, you can create units for capturing and settling new bases.

In the Academy, you can research new kinds of units, so you’ll be able to make them in the appropriate buildings afterward.

Use the Ammunition Center to increase the attacking and defensive abilities of your units.

Use Jet Center to speed up your units.

Central Command

Central Command is the key building if we are talking about managing your troops. Here you can look over all your units, choose the targets, and the action you would like to perform with them.

The higher level of the Central Commander is, the longer the list of buildings your artillery is able to attack.


You can send reinforcements to your friends or allies. They can also refuse your support. At the moment your robots reach the recipient’s base, they start consuming Wecanite from it. In case the recipient denies your reinforcements, the units stop Wecanite consuming from his base and go back home. The recipient can not use your robots in an attack, yet in case of defense, your robots will prove very helpful. You can revoke your units anytime.


There is only one winner in the battle. Whose army prevails by attacking or defensive points respectively. The losing side forfeits all the units used in the fight.

You can use almost all the units to attack, keeping in mind the goal you are pursuing: to cause some damage, capture some resources or capture the base.

If rams are used in the attack, then they are first in the line. After the invasion of rams, the defensive points of the defender’s army will be recalculated. Then the rest of the units attack.

If artillery is used in an attack, the building chosen as the target will lose its prestige, level by level. It can be ruined if the aggressor’s artillery unit’s power is enough.


Use this action if you plan to steal some resources from another player. In this kind of operation, you can use robots, drones, and rams. Rams will allow you to decrease the general protection of the defensive units on the base you attack by damaging or destroying the Shield. Doing so allows you to decrease the chance of losses from your side.

In case of winning, you’ll capture the number of resources, which depends on the capacity of your units that survived after the battle. Such an operation happens on the same principles as the battle. As a result, you might capture some resources and lose some of your units or all of them.


You can perform this action when you need information about your enemy’s base, such as resources and units allocated on the base, the level of its defense, and whether there is or not a Shield and Expansion Hub.

To defend from the spy’s attack, you must have your own spies on the base since every spy has its cover protection, which protects you from the enemy’s spies.

Playing R-Planet MMO, you will need to keep a balance and try to reach a maximum level of resource mining while developing the base and army. Your success depends on your chosen strategy, reliable alliances, and perseverance.

Next time we’ll talk about defending your base and how you can extend the network of your bases.

Towards victory we will march!



R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims

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R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims