Gear for Your Hero is on the Way!

3 min readAug 3, 2023


You’ve probably already acquainted yourself with our heroes: Drake, Rocky, and Bradley. They should have had a chance to prove themselves on the battlefield and within their native base by now. Many more heroes are in the queue, waiting to become famous on R-Planet in the future.

As you know, heroes have a list of properties that can be improved, including the qualities of their base and the units they are attached to. Some of the hero’s characteristics such as: force, Masics persuasion, mining rate, unit attack, unit defense and unit speed boost, can be improved with upgrading points as the hero reaches the next level. Another way to empower your hero is by equipping them with useful and powerful gear.

Today we are going to talk about the ‘Hero’s Gear NFTs’ and how when equipped, will impact various parameters of the hero and what are the differences between these assets. Your hero will have 7 slots available for gear:

  • for the head
  • for a right hand
  • for a left hand
  • for a body
  • for legs
  • for transport
  • for a device

Also, there will be one-time-use boosters for the hero. The player doesn’t need to put them into a slot, as they will be used instantly.

You can attach one item of appropriate equipment to the slot. For example, in the left hand of your hero, you can put either the Ray Gun, which improves the hero’s force, or the Ion Blaster, which increases units’ attack.

So, when attached the Hero’s Gear can impact the properties of the heroes themselves, such as:

  • Hero force
  • Hero speed
  • Hero health recovery

or affect the properties of the army they are attached to, such as:

  • Unit attack
  • Unit defense
  • Unit speed.

Most of the multiple-use Hero Gear will be available in a few rarities, each with a different level of impact on the noted characteristics. Let’s look over a few gears and the properties they improve.

Bionic Boots. Rare — This stylish multiple-use asset when equipped to your Hero’s legs, will improve the force of your hero by 1250. All the enemies will tremble at the sight of them.

Monowheel. Common— A useful, multiple-use transport, that speeds up your hero by 15 % and allows them to lead their army in battle. Especially necessary in situations when an army is moving at the speed of its slowest participant.

First Aid Kit — A one-time-use asset that instantly restores hero health to 100%. Necessary before upcoming battles or when hero support is required urgently.

In the following weeks, we will introduce many more of the Hero’s Gear items to you, one by one, through Twitter posts. Hopefully, this will allow you to familiarize yourself with them and their importance. Please keep in mind, the numbers are under testing and can be changed in the future.

One more time, we would like to congratulate the winners of the Ahnangs invasion servers! You will be the first ones to receive packs of Gear for your Heroes as prizes. The rest of the players can obtain Hero Gear NFTs in the future by winning them in the game, finding them during hero quests, or purchasing them during upcoming sales.

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