Exciting News from the R-Planet Laboratory

Since their arrival on the R-Planet, the animals knew that colonization would be a massive undertaking, and would require a multitude of elements and minerals not yet discovered.

First, the animals had to make sure there were enough rigs to increase the Aether production to levels that would be sufficient for the discovery of all the base elements and materials. So they launched a massive effort to produce more rigs, and it was a huge success! The generator has been producing new materials daily, but they knew this alone would not be enough. So Captain Pig had a plan, and ordered his engineer LT. Raccoon to use his skills and construct an underground secret laboratory.

It was there that Dr.Rabbit has been working tirelessly since their arrival, doing ⚗️experiments and tinkering with the generator. After many sleepless nights and endless calculations, our Dr.Rabbit has some very good news to share!

💣 They defer by the difficulty of recipes and amount of Aether needed for creating.

Dr. Rabbit is very grateful to the team and to his tough nevertheless very inventive and persistent friend Lt. Racoon, who never gets confused in unfamiliar circumstances. Those features were vital here.

Now Dr. Rabbit is working on the full list of elements to be discovered. He and his team will be able to unveil them in a few days. After their announcement, the elements will become available to be invented.

R-Planet: Evacuation — YouTube






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