Conquest Era Begins! But What Role Will Aether Play?

Throughout our journey, Aether has been the primary source for acquiring needed materials for advanced animals. Now, all of us are real-time witnesses of the last weeks of Aether mining. This might make some of you wonder if there is any usage for our precious Aether in the future after the launch of R-Planet: Conquest. Keeping in mind that Aether holders are our most active players, believers, and supporters, we have done our best to keep it applicable even after the Conquest is launched. So, today we will talk about Aether, its general supply, and usage in the future.

First, we would like you to pay attention to one thing, our goal with R-Planet: Conquest has been to make the game open to the broadest audience of players possible. Even to those who have no idea about blockchain. Users can start playing without owning a WAX account or any specific NFT assets. Here is the most exciting part for you, our loyal faithful. Those who own specific R-Planet NFT assets and/or R-Planet game tokens will have a considerable advantage.

General supply of Aether

Nowadays, Aether is mined by staking NFTs of collections listed in the top 21 in the R-Planet Staking Hub and by staking R-Planet NFTs of rigs and elements there. The General Supply of Aether at the moment is approximately 1 270 B; 985 B, of which is already mined.

Not all the Aether mined so far and in the future will go to users. Because of the claim limit, a portion of it stays unclaimed and will be burned, additionally cutting the general supply.

As we announced before, players will have an option to exchange Rig and Element NFTs, at the end of mining, for the amount of Aether equal to three months of the mining power of the NFT.

Use-cases of Aether after the start of the Conquest Era

Now let’s talk about how you can use Aether after R-Planet: Сonquest is launched. The primary use case is as a currency for the following sales:

  • Sales of Starter Packs and Big Pack of game NFTs. NFT packs will contain different sets of useful NFTs such as build time reduction, instant completion, add-ons, etc. These will be very helpful to you throughout the game.
  • Pigsburg Land Sale. The Sale of lands from the third R-Planet region, Pigsburg.

According to the gameplay, some servers of the Conquest will be compatible with lands of a specific region, some with lands from all three regions.

  • Sale of Lottery Tickets for Conquest’s closed Alpha testing. To join the Conquest Alpha testing, users will need to win a passcode through the lottery (more info soon). Also, there might be sales of tickets for some closed servers in the future.
  • Sale of Premium features for the game, such as:

— an additional worker (builder to build another building simultaneously),

— a query of tasks (an option to choose an order of jobs,

— +25% of mining for a chosen mineral).

This list can and likely will be expanded in the future with more assets and services to keep the gameplay and Aether usage enjoyable for all.

As you can now see, with a sufficient supply of Aether, you’ll be much more confident when the battle starts.



R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims

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R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims