Buy R-Planet Land with a 50% discount!

On April,15, only for trusted members of the R-Planet community

While the spacecraft is heading to the R-Planet, life onboard goes its way. All the passengers have chosen occupations and now spend day after day inventing, researching, and creating.

They are much better prepared for colonization than at the beginning of their journey. The chipped animals have got the list of the materials they need to invent to be able to build a colony. Recently they also have received new important data about their future home.

Home! Sweet new home!

So, the R-Planet surface consists of four different types of soil. Each plot contains only one of four unique R-Planet basic elements:

  • Wecanite
  • Waxon
  • Caponium or
  • Enefterium

Each of these previously unknown elements has their own powerful characteristics

By extracting them, the chipped animals will be able to build fighting robots and to fight for their colonies.

The 1st R-Planet Land Sale

The first segment of the R-Planet land, consisting of 5000 plots, will be sold during this initial sale.

Only trusted members of our community will be able to take part in the First R-Planet Land Sale and buy a plot with a 50% discount🔥.

In order to participate in this initial land sale, you need to whitelist your account by completing a few simple tasks. By completing these tasks, you will prove that you are an R-Planet player and active member of our community. We’ll provide all the requirements soon.

The land will be presented in two types of NFT packs:

Small Pack

consists of 1 plot;

2000 packs available;

Price — $50.

Big Pack

consists of 3 plots;

have a higher probability of rarer lands;

1000 packs available;

Price — $150.

Plots differ by their basic element and rarity. The NFT rarity affects the starting power of mining on the plot.

Starting extracting power of the Plot NFT by rarities:

common — 100

uncommon — 120

rare — 140

epic — 160

legendary — 180

mythic — 200

Plots can be upgraded!

Players can upgrade their plots using combinations of elements prepared during the evacuation. By combining materials created in the generator aboard the spaceship, players will be able to Upgrade their plots! The combination of elements needed for upgrade will be determined by the level of the plot.

Every upgrade multiplies the extracting power of the plot by 1.02.

The max level of the plot — 200.

After learning this important info, the chipped animals started working with a renewed enthusiasm.

“R-PLANET”, game and a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun.