Boost Your R-Planet Land — Get Land in The Uplift World Today

2 min readJun 3, 2021

The WECAN team continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with NFT’s. Today we introduce another concept which has never been done before: A single NFT can now represent ownership in two completely different metaverse environments! Your single R-planet land NFT can now grant you ownership of two lands, each on totally different platforms, complete with ownership rights and earning privileges!

We are happy to announce that today, this option becomes available for all “Swineland” R-Planet NFT land owners (Schema Name: lands). After boosting, your Land NFT will become accessible and visible on both worlds.

We are still working on the details for Boosting the lands in the “BoarVallis” region and the other yet to be discovered region of the R-Planet, and more info will be available at a later date

How to get your TheUplift Land?

  • Visit the R-Planet site following the link , (tab: Lands).
  • Make sure you have 5 M Aether in your account.
  • Choose the land and boost it with 5 M Aether.
  • Visit your new property within the Swineland.

The NFT Card of boosted lands are ownership rights on both R-Planet and The Uplift.World lands. A Note will appear as an attribute of the R-Planet Land NFT with the coordinates of a specific Uplift’s land NFT right after its boost. This note is the difference between boosted and unboosted lands on the Market.

Boosting your R-Planet land to work in TheUplift.World will grant you ownership and building rights of ACTUAL LAND in a 3D Minecraft-based Metaverse which yields you rewards in $WAX, $AETHER and $UPLIFTIUM any time anyone walks over it. A place to build, mine for resources that you can trade, or create an NFT Gallery or storefront!

Where will the collected funds go?

The funds that will have been collected from boosting the R-Planet lands will be distributed in the following way:

50% will go to the Fund of Rewards of TheUplift.World;

25% will be burned;

25% will go to the Uplift’s Fund of Development.

One More Reward for Upliftium Inventors

We would like to remind you about another amazing opportunity as a result of the R-Planet & TheUplift partnership: the first 10 R-Planet players, who will create the Upliftium material will get one plot of land (50x50) in the Swineland map of TheUplift (which is a survival map) in addition to all the other rewards.

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R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims