Assets Sale of the R-Planet Basic Elements NFTs

R-Planet is about to launch the game’s first phase: Evacuation, an alchemy game, where players combine different materials to discover new ones. Any player who first discovers a new material is the Inventor.

All WAX collected during the event will go to the R-Planet Prize Fund!

Only 600 NFT packs of each basic element (air, fire, water, and earth) will be available for purchase during the event (2400 NFT packs overall). The Sale will be the only way to get basic element NFTs. They will NOT be available through game play (because the four basic elements will be unlocked from the start).

During the sale, 2400 NFT packs (Simple Asset) with 1 card (Atomic NFT) each will be available for purchase.

Unpacking will be launched on February 25 .

NFTs of each of four basic elements will be presented in six different rarities, and each rarity may have several styles.

All R-Planet NFT cards can be used for Aether staking. Their mining power will be significant.

So get ready for the Sale of R-Planet Basic Element NFTs to get the unique materials and be able to gather the full collection!

The Sale starts February, 12 16:00 UTC

Game play

The Inventor of a new recipe gets an Inventor Prize, and receives

- 0.002% of the R-Planet Prize Fund;

- An NFT Pack with mint #1, which can be opened for a collectible NFT.

- immortal recognition, having his name etched into the NFT representing the invented material.

To encourage and properly honor players, inventors, researchers, and experimenters we will increase the R-Planet Prize Fund. It will be funded by an Assets Sale of the R-Planet Basic Elements NFTs.






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“R-PLANET”, game and a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun.