Are You Ready to Invent? New Materials on the Way!

“Eureka, we’ve done it!” Captain Pig exclaimed. After the successful deployment of the new generation of mining tools, there is finally enough Aether being produced to begin experiments toward the discovery of new elements.

Inspired by past success, Dr. Rabbit and his team have worked to find materials previously overlooked. As a result, they found 🔥 seventy-nine new materials available. Recipes for these materials still need to be discovered. The chipped animals do not know which materials they will require for the establishment of a colony after the landing. The better they are prepared the better prospects are.

Time is running short and a lot of recipes are yet to be identified before the spacecraft reaches R-Planet. So let’s check the list.

Аfter the update, recipes that were unproductive before might produce some brand new materials. This opened wider opportunities for inventors and creators.

The Hunt for Upliftium!

In collaboration with Uplift World, the WECAN team has added a special new element called “Upliftium” . This new element comes with unique privileges.

The first 10 players, who will create the Upliftium material will get land in the Uplift World in addition to all the other rewards.

A few things, new people need to know:

The person who invented the material for the first time is called the inventor. The inventor gets an inventor prize.

Inventor’s Prize:

  • 0,2% of the prize fund;
  • an NFT Pack with mint #1, which can be opened for collectible NFTs.
  • the name of the discoverer will be immortalized in NFT representing the invented element.

The R-Planet community created a lot of useful tools which help to monitor the recipes of which materials have already been discovered. By creating these recipes you will still get an NFT (only 600 NFTs per material). Here are the most widely used tools:

Alchemy Successful Recipes:

With Filters of null attempts:

Tools Generator, Test Recipes:

You can mine aether by staking your R-Planet NFTs or NFTs from other listed projects! Aether rewards are distributed hourly.

The BIG DAY is coming, are you ready to take over your own land on the R-planet?!

“R-PLANET”, a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun “