Ahnangs Invasion: Final Preparations

3 min readMay 30, 2023

It has finally happened. We have confirmed that the Ahnangs have landed on the R-Planet. Five of their bases have been detected so far. It’s time to get down to business and give them a fight. So, let’s discuss R-Planet: the Ahnang Invasion; including technical details, dangers, opportunities, and the general settings of the server.


Talking about the map, we can’t forget to mention that the landscapes of the R-Planet have undergone a visual transformation as numerous graphic elements are introduced, resulting in a much more picturesque environment.

There are five bases of the Ahnangs, one of which is located in the center of the map and the other four in the centers of the four regions. In addition to the five bases, players might come across separate squads of Ahnangs wandering around the R-Planet, searching for resources. While Ahnangs do not attack players from the main bases, those wandering squads can pose a certain danger to players.

To provide the same condition for all the players around the map, all five Ahnangs bases will be on the same level of development. The number of combat units defending each of the alien bases will be equal as well.

Important facts

The maximum number of players on the server is limited with 1000.

The safe period for players is 72 hours.

The safe period for Ahnangs is 30 days.

In order to win, the alliance needs to keep the Ahnangs base under its control for 10 consecutive days.

Players won’t be able to send resources to another player during the first 5 days. This feature has been implemented in order to decrease the attractiveness of multi accounts.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Ahnangs Invasion server is that players will not be eliminated from the game until the server concludes. Even if you lose all your robots and buildings, you will retain ownership of your last remaining base.


Ahnangs Invasion presents a battlefield for alliances, where only one alliance will emerge as the victor. The members of the triumphant alliance will share in the splendor of a huge prize-pack of extraordinary Items for the Hero.

The objective of the server is to seize and maintain control of one of the five Ahnang’s bases for a duration of 10 consecutive days. The Ahnang’s bases can be captured but cannot be destroyed.

Each Ahnang base is heavily guarded by an army of Ahnang combat units. Upon capturing a base, a 10-day countdown commences, and if the players can retain control over the base during this period, the game concludes with their victory.

Please keep in mind you can not activate a Protective Dome above the Ahnangs base while it’s under your control.

Despite this being an alliance competition, the mechanics of base management remain unchanged. The player who captures a base assumes responsibility for its management, while the other alliance members must unite their efforts to uphold control for the designated duration. Consequently, the player, supported by their alliance teammates, must defend the base against rival players. If another team manages to capture the base, the countdown restarts.

Migratory squads of Ahnangs

Random groups of Ahnangs will emerge throughout the map, engaging in occasional attacks on players in an attempt to plunder and eliminate them. Conversely, players will have the opportunity to counter-attack these Ahnangs squads, seizing valuable resources in the process.

As you can see, the upcoming server will introduce a myriad of exciting new features. We cannot contain our excitement as we prepare for its launch. Brace yourself for an entirely revamped gaming experience as the game presents itself in a whole new light. We warmly invite you to join us on this thrilling new adventure starting from June 01🚀🚀🚀.

“The time to rally the troops is upon us! Onward to victory!”




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