Ahnangs Invasion 3: Let Your Hero Lead

4 min readSep 27, 2023

The next round of the Ahnangs Invasion is just around the corner and this time your battle with the space pirates won’t be as easy. Among the new additions are: training missions for players, in-game unpacking of reward boxes, hero adventures, and much more. The only previously announced feature not included in this server update is the weekly rewards, which will be added ASAP in future updates. Let’s delve into all the new features in greater detail.

This time, players won’t receive the usual 15K resources in their Supply Depot as a starting bonus. You’ll have to mine them yourself, earning additional resources for completing the training missions.


Planned as a guide with rewards for new players, these activities will also prove beneficial for seasoned R-Planet explorers as a source of additional resources. The assignments are presented in the form of a task list, where each objective comes with its own rewarding payout in various R-Planet minerals. These tasks align with the core activities needed for base development, making them essential for your progression.

The complexity of assignments increases as you advance, and so does the reward. You have the flexibility to complete missions in any order, selecting the next one based on convenience or the reward size. Assignments serve as an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and explore various facets of in-game activities.

Gear up your Hero

The next set of features is centered around the Hero and their equipment. In the upcoming server update, players will have the opportunity to outfit their hero with impressive gear and valuable one-time-use assets.

The winners of the 1st and 2nd Ahnangs Invasion, will be among the first to experience the power of hero gear and assets in action. Thanks to the new unpacking feature integrated into the game, Ahnangs Invasion winners can now receive and open their prizes directly within the game and immediately equip their hero with them.

So, what treasures lie within these shimmering prize boxes

The Prize Boxes will include the following items:

  • Three super-powerful pieces of hero gear, randomly selected from rare and epic assets only.
  • Three valuable one-time-use assets, which can be crucial during battles.

-Reanimator, allowing you to revive your hero without consuming any resources.

-First Aid Kit, enabling you to restore your hero’s health without expending any resources.

-Mixpad, allowing you to reallocate upgrade points among different attributes of your hero.

What’s worth emphasizing is that all the assets in the box will be withdrawable and compatible with the BNB-Chain as NFTs.

To learn more about the Hero Gear, go through the article. We’ll sum up here. There are two types of hero assets: multiple-use items of hero gear and one-time-use hero assets. Both types can be withdrawable and non-withdrawable.

Every piece of Hero Gear is compatible with one of seven slots on your Hero and can be presented in three rarities (so far).

The hero gear can impact characteristics of the hero or the army to which it’s attached.

One-time use assets disappear after using them, instantly providing their result.

For example, the health increase, reviving the hero, or allowing to rearrange its upgrading points.

Hero Adventure

Regular players will also have an opportunity to test the Hero Gear in the upcoming server. Currently, the hero adventure is the most accessible way to acquire assets for your hero.

Adventure points, regularly allocated to the hero, enable them to embark on adventures (with one point equating to one adventure). During these adventures, the hero may face injuries or even death. However, it is also a chance to acquire additional resources, gear or valuable assets. These trophies are likely to be non-withdrawable assets, with a slight chance of obtaining withdrawable ones.

Difference between withdrawable and non-withdrawable assets?

Withdrawable assets can be removed from the game, stored, sold, transferred to other players, or used on other servers.

In contrast, non-withdrawable assets can only be used within the server where the player possesses them. These assets will be lost after the server ends.

Prizes for Top Players (Currently Unavailable)

Another method to obtain hero assets will be through a weekly reward system for the top 3 users, once this feature is implemented. These rewards will be distributed across three categories: the best attackers, defenders, and robbers.

Each week, the top 3 players in each category will receive hero assets as rewards (with the likelihood of receiving withdrawable assets increasing as the server’s end approaches).

And saving the best for last, in Ahnangs Invasion 3, the Ahnangs won’t surrender their base easily. The first Ahnangs attack wave will strike the captured base just 24 hours after its capture. With each passing day, the Ahnangs will mount a fiercer resistance.

The server is scheduled to launch on October 6th at 1 p.m. We’ll see you there, and your friends are more than welcome as well.




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