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“R-PLANET”, a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun “

Since their arrival on the R-Planet, the animals knew that colonization would be a massive undertaking, and would require a multitude of elements and minerals not yet discovered.

First, the animals had to make sure there were enough rigs to increase the Aether production to levels that would be sufficient for the discovery of all the base elements and materials. So they launched a massive effort to produce more rigs, and it was a huge success! The generator has been producing new materials daily, but they knew this alone would not be enough. So Captain Pig had a plan, and…

what you need to know

Now that the ability to “Uplift” your R-Planet land is live, we want to share some more details with you about The Uplift metaverse, and what you need to do to get started there.

For anyone who’s just learning about The, it’s a massive multiplayer metaverse, built on Minecraft, powered by blockchain. Owning a plot there allows the user to create their own piece of heaven and earn passive rewards for every visitor who travels there or passes by.

Here’s a few things that players can enjoy on The :

  • Walk around and earn Crypto currency (Wax &…

The WECAN team continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with NFT’s. Today we introduce another concept which has never been done before: A single NFT can now represent ownership in two completely different metaverse environments! Your single R-planet land NFT can now grant you ownership of two lands, each on totally different platforms, complete with ownership rights and earning privileges!

We are happy to announce that today, this option becomes available for all “Swineland” R-Planet NFT land owners (Schema Name: lands). After boosting, your Land NFT will become accessible and visible on both worlds.


As the list of projects being added to the R-Planet staking system grew ever longer, it became obvious that we had to create a better and more standardized system. Since every project has different numbers of assets with various rarities and burn mechanisms, there needed to be a system which could assign a value in Aether for each collection’s assets, as a whole, could draw from. Some of those projects are producing new NFTs at an overwhelming pace, which puts pressure on the R-Planet technical resources, as well as imbalances in the amount of Aether being drawn. As a result…

Meanwhile on 🪐R-Planet…

More space ships continue to arrive on R-Planet, and the community is expanding at a phenomenal rate. The spacecraft, filled with those seeking a better life, are nearing their destination to the R-Planet lands. Newcomers who want to contribute to the crafting of the elements needed to begin a new life there, are finding that there’s not much they can do. The mining tools have become so scarce, there’s not enough Aether for them to use the generator. Even the simple mining rigs cost more than most new arrivals can afford.

In the meantime, we’re receiving alarming…

More than 90% of the land within the Swineland region has been unpacked so far. Owners of the first plots of R-planet land are successfully mining their native R-Planet minerals.

The demand for land in the Swineland region during the initial sale was massive, and as a result, many of our loyal players were not able to secure a plot for themselves. So for the next R-Planet land sale on April 29th, the 5000 plots in the newfound BoarVallis region will be made available exclusively to all of our most active players! …

Great news in the run-up to the initial R-Planet Land sale! In cooperation with, R-Planet has prepared a cool surprise for every landowner, a fine piece of land within The Uplift World metaverse. Also today we will provide more details regarding the initial R-planet land sale that will take place on April 15 at 16:00 UTC.

So what about Uplift.World land?!

Thanks to the cooperation of R-Planet and The Uplift.World, every owner of R-Planet land has a chance to get actual land within the UpLift metaverse. All you need to do is to boost your R-planet land. …

for our Closest Friends Only!

R-Planet land is waiting for its new inhabitants. Only trusted members of the R-Planet community will be able to participate in the Initial R-planet Land Sale. If you missed the whole evacuation stage, there is still a way to participate. All you need to do to become a true crewmate of our spacecraft, is to take a few simple steps.

Who can participate

The first segment of the R-Planet land, consisting of 5000 plots, will be sold during this initial sale. Which will be held in two pools for two different audiences. To take part in the sale…

On April,15, only for trusted members of the R-Planet community

While the spacecraft is heading to the R-Planet, life onboard goes its way. All the passengers have chosen occupations and now spend day after day inventing, researching, and creating.

They are much better prepared for colonization than at the beginning of their journey. The chipped animals have got the list of the materials they need to invent to be able to build a colony. Recently they also have received new important data about their future home.

“Eureka, we’ve done it!” Captain Pig exclaimed. After the successful deployment of the new generation of mining tools, there is finally enough Aether being produced to begin experiments toward the discovery of new elements.

Inspired by past success, Dr. Rabbit and his team have worked to find materials previously overlooked. As a result, they found 🔥 seventy-nine new materials available. Recipes for these materials still need to be discovered. The chipped animals do not know which materials they will require for the establishment of a colony after the landing. The better they are prepared the better prospects are.

Time is…


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